Loan with Real Estate Guaranteed Credits.

This product offers the lowest rates on the market and is ideal for those who have a property or land and need credit.  The Lendonas secured home loan is an incredible solution with very low interest rates, perfect for you to make higher flights.

The high interest rates

The high interest rates

The issue of high interest rates in Brazil is always a much cited problem on many fronts. So it is good to see a financial product that charges little interest. In this case the reason is the guarantee of the property, which allows greater security not only for Lendonas, but also for you.

The process is all done online, which saves a lot of time and is courageous on the part of the company, since we are talking about larger sums than a personal loan, for example.

The face-to-face part is in charge of the survey, to be stipulated the condition of the property and thus have a better idea of ​​how the business can be done.

By having the property as collateral, the risk drops considerably and Lendonas itself highlights this, justifying its low interest as a combination of this factor of collateral and also the fact that its operation is online. That is, it saves bureaucracy, structure, agencies, employees and many other costs.

So if you own a property or land, it is not worth paying higher interest on personal loans with banks and finances let alone fall into the credit card or overdraft to pay extra costs.

And with that money you can do a lot of things, such as starting your own business, making a dream purchase, that family trip that you’ve delayed so much or even renovating your home, increasing its value and making the loan payable. basically an investment.

Online process

In order to begin ordering, you must have houses, apartments, commercial real estate, and land. The process is all online, saving a lot of time and avoiding queues, paperwork and headaches.

After the two steps – the order entry – the time comes for a survey of your property to establish the conditions. Finally, after everything is placed on the table and is agreed, the money will be released between 4 and 8 weeks, as these are large sums.

Lendonas prides itself on having low delinquency rates precisely because interest rates are low, making it possible for customers to pay monthly payments without stifling their budget.

So it is very worthwhile to look at this financial product and calculate if placing your property as collateral is a good option. With interest starting at 1.15% per month, everything seems to be.

Real state loans

Real state loans

The loan with real estate Lendonas has as a major asset its very low interest rates in a country where interest rates are always high. Its all-online process also helps lower costs and is still a big plus for its convenience and agility in the process. Everything goes quickly and simply.

That’s why we at Minue Finance are sure to recommend this financial product from the company and we hope you will at least look at the values ​​and consider paying higher interest rates and falling into default by turning the process into a snowball.

Lendonas was created by the name of Frankbank and its self-imposed mission to end the interest monster, always a complaint from people seeking credit and money to improve their lives or start a business.

With the name Lendonas and a makeover of the brand for even larger flights, the company is certainly innovating in its market and with bold products, such as the secured property loan.

Those who have the ability to test their products will notice that the idea is put into practice and actually lower interest rates make the wheel spin easier, generating stronger customer ties and lower delinquency.

Minue Finance review

Minue Finance is always keeping an eye on companies that share its vision: modern products, partly online or entirely online, and lower costs, especially reflected in interest rates.

The Real Estate Loan Lendonas is undoubtedly an excellent product that shares all our insights and offers an incredible opportunity for its consumers. It’s worth taking a look at this credit platform and trusting it if it’s your choice to breathe your financial life or allow higher flights.

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