Vehicle Loan Credits.

Vehicle Loan or Vehicle Refinancing Credits allows the customer to receive a percentage of the automobile in cash. The Vehicle Loan Lendonas is a safe and fast credit modality for those who need extra cash.

Main features

Main features

In all social media, television programs, newspapers and TV news, one of the news that is most present concerns the financial crisis in Brazil and the rising unemployment rate. And the financial consequences of anyone who goes through this situation is inevitable.

Unexpected accounts often come up and the dream of starting one’s own business or making a bad plan makes people have to borrow to seek financial relief.

In order to avoid exorbitant interest rates or even to pay off debts that have such abusive rates, such as credit card and overdraft, people have resorted to secured lending methods, which have gained space in the country.

Credit Vehicle Loan has proven to be an excellent option for those seeking a simple and bureaucratic way of traditional credit application, especially for the ease of doing everything on your online platform.

The borrower simply has to offer his repaid passenger car as collateral so that he is entitled to the most competitive rates that partner financial institutions have to offer. Another advantage is the possibility of repaying the loan within four years.

Precisely because of the guarantee of repayment of the loan, financial institutions reduce interest charged to customers, who must carefully study their conditions to meet the monthly expenses arising from the payment of borrowed money.

Of course, this type of loan offers risks to those who use it, because in case of default the car is seized and auctioned. However, this is not the purpose of the bank or the customer.

For those looking to get extra money quickly and do not want to get rid of their car or get into high interest debt and tight repayment terms, the Vehicle Loans Credit is ideal.

Operation Information

Operation Information

To apply for the loan, the interested person must access the Lendonas website to register, offering preliminary data. This is the first step of the process. It is important that they are as accurate as possible.

The data will undergo credit analysis, Lendonas will be better able to offer proposals that may be of interest to both financial institutions and those applying for the loan.

The third step is the warranty analysis. In this part of the process the car will go through a check to see if the vehicle conditions are satisfactory to proceed with the loan application process.

The fourth step is the issuance of the contract, which determines and documents all information involved in the process, giving legal support to the parties involved in the loan application.

After the contract is signed and the agreement between client and financial institution, the money is released into the account of the person applying for the loan.

Unlike property refinancing, vehicle refinancing has reduced steps to finalize the process, such as the removal of a legal analysis, for example, between the collateral analysis and the issuance of the contract.

For this reason, either by shortening the time required to release money, or by lowering document and review requirements, vehicle refinancing often becomes the preference of those who wish to apply for a secured loan.

However, the payment period and the amount made available are shorter.

An excellent advantage of Lendonas that puts it in front of many traditional financial institutions is that the whole process happens online, meaning the customer can apply for his loan wherever he is, as long as he has access to the internet.

This saves the customer from queuing and makes the procedure cheaper, as the lack of physical agencies and staff to run them lowers the company’s costs and is passed on to the customer.

The service period is also extended when compared to traditional institutions, putting Lendonas at an advantage and offering the customer a longer period to request services and to contact the service channels available on the site.

In addition to all of the above, because Lendonas is not a financial institution but a digital platform that facilitates the provision of banking services to interested customers, the range of partner options is wide.

Thus, the person in need of financial support finds a variety of financial institutions, with varied services that can be analyzed and studied. Thus, the chance of finding an option that suits the user’s profile is increased.

Key Findings

Key Findings

The Credit Vehicle Loan is highly advantageous for those who have a repayable collateral car and need extra money and have no time to waste on paperwork, waiting in lines and paying high interest and short term.

Refinancing the vehicle may bring fear of losing the car, which is alienated by the end of the loan repayment, but for those who have some financial control and do not want to have to sell their car to get money, is the best thing to do.

In addition to getting almost 100% of the car’s value and up to four years to repay its loan, the customer has the benefit of increasing the chances of finding the service and conditions that are most favorable to them, with a variety of financial institutions available.

Another point that may cause concern for those applying for a loan concerns your data provided to Lendonas. Fortunately this fear is unfounded as the site is protected by a secure platform.

The data and documentation provided are only handled by persons who are authorized and qualified to do so, within the service rendering process. This right is guaranteed by the Privacy Policy and preserves the confidentiality of your information.

Therefore, there is no reason to fear applying for a Vehicle Loan Credit and passing your details. In fact, it is very important that they are as complete as possible so that the chances of credit authorization are increased.

Because Lendonas offers extended customer service that does not only serve business hours, anyone interested in applying for vehicle refinancing can contact the service channels available on the site.

This is a very positive point, especially for those who do not have time available during business hours. You can apply for a loan anywhere that offers internet access.

It is for these and all other reasons mentioned above that Lendonas deserves to be considered the main option for applying for financial support.

Company presentation

Company presentation

Lendonas, formerly Frankbank, is a digital platform that acts as a correspondent bank and offers support and facilitation in making loan applications, creating a bridge between clients and partner financial institutions.

According to the company itself, it was born “[…] from the mission of reducing interest rates”. And it has been committed to providing services that have impacts on people’s lives, changing the traditional credit models in Brazil.

Its proposal is to democratize the lending conditions offered by banks, offering fair services to those who until then had no access and resources to apply for credit.

With the purpose of reinventing itself and improving technologies and creating innovations, Lendonas constantly reinforces that it is not a banking institution, but a partner of banks, aiming to provide advantageous credit modalities to those in need.

The company has a differential of offering to those who are interested in learning about financial education, a digital magazine with several available subjects, divided by categories and offering free materials.

So, in addition to being committed to providing differentiated financial services, the company also values ​​people to have more information about money relations, indirectly showing their concern for society.

Gaining more and more space in Brazil, the platform has come to the fore in a number of renowned media outlets, especially the economics experts, showing that it is a company that is here to stay and can compete with traditional institutions.

Corporate Council

Corporate Council

We at Minue Finance believe that trust is very serious and important. Observing the care and respect with the customer and the mission to offer the best service available in the market, we believe that Lendonas is worthy of yours, as is ours.

An organization that offers a range of banking services and options and gives customers the choice and opportunity to choose the product that best suits their profile is a great demonstration of respect with whom need money.

Certainly Lendonas, like a friend we turn to when we are in trouble, is in every position to offer the support a person needs to settle debts, enter their own home, take a trip or any other need.

Breaking with the traditional model of paperwork and slow bureaucratic banking causes Lendonas to be several steps ahead and the short history does not prevent it from competing on equal terms with traditional banks already established in the country.

Continued commitment, transparency in the provision of its services and the security offered to all those involved in the banking processes that Lendonas is willing to do are other positive characteristics that make the platform different.

Regarding the Vehicle Loan offered by Lendonas, the maximum percentage that the customer can get is one of the largest of the modality, as well as the payment term, showing that the platform is very worth considering as a great option to apply for financial support.

Although it is an option that offers risk to the customer in case of default, Lendonas will certainly find the best loan option so that the customer has no chance of not being able to afford the monthly payments they will have to pay.

We are proud to partner with an institution that was born with such a positive purpose, which brings with it the possibility to offer both the borrower and the offerer the chance of a safe and satisfying relationship.

Thus, the opinion that we would undoubtedly recommend the services offered by Lendonas, which values ​​respect, safety and transparency with its partners, could not be different.

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