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If you have a mountain of ambition, why not aim for the highest peak?

This year, the political ambition of the American representative Adam Kinzinger manifested itself in a vivid way. The once little-known Republican Congressman Channahon kicked off 2020 by voting to remove then-President Donald J. Trump for “incitement to insurgency.”

Kinzinger was one of 10 House Republicans who dared to challenge Trump’s dangerous and confrontational antics. This vote has seriously strengthened its national profile.

Denigrated and targeted by Trump and other top GOP leaders, Kinzinger persists in his noble crusade to protect the sanctity of truth and democracy. His opposition to anything Trump has earned him a frequent spot on national television shows as the voice of reason within the Republican Party.

He is raising a lot of money through the “Country First” political action committee he set up to fight Trump’s lies and cure what he calls the “cancer” of Trumpism.

Then the six-term legislator ran into a jigsaw. His ambitions were cut short and crammed onto the cutting room floor when Illinois Democratic cartographers ruled out his district in the congressional redistribution.

Surrendering to the inevitable, Kinzinger announced that he will not be running again next year.

Instead, he is considering a candidacy for a statewide job in 2022 – the governor of Illinois or the US Senate, and would “definitely” consider a presidential run, he said. he told CNN on Thursday.

He then clarified in an interview with Lynn Sweet, head of the Sun-Times Washington bureau.

“I really watch it happen, you know obviously it’s a bit of a change for me, you know, not to run anymore, but I still got fire on you know, a different level, did- he said to Sweet, “So how does this best fit? I don’t know the answer yet. But I won’t exclude anything.”

He will “probably” decide by January, he told CNN.

Running for a statewide office is a big mountain to climb in reliable blue Illinois. Kinzinger would enter a competitive primary for Republican governor, with at least four other candidates already on the line.

Much of the Illinois GOP territory, particularly the upstate, is Trump Land. And even if Kinzinger lands the nomination, then he would face billionaire Gov. JB Pritzker, who will likely spend in excess of $ 100 million on his re-election campaign.

In a Senate race, Kinzinger would reach yet another dizzying heights – facing US Senator Tammy Duckworth. She values ​​her own national profile and was on President Joe Biden’s shortlist for the post of vice president.

Kinzinger is a US Air Force pilot who served in the Middle East and is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard. But Duckworth is no slouch in this department. The former U.S. Army helicopter pilot lost her legs during the Iraq War when her Black Hawk was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade.

So why not just go for Mount Everest?

Kinzinger is well placed for a White House race.

Along with U.S. Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, he sits on the Congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurgency.

This will give him a fair share of turns in the media spotlight as the leading Republican voice against Trumpism.

Kinzinger could be the favorite Republican of Democrats who hate Trump. His crusade will make him love independent and cross voters and propel him to the top of presidential aspirants.

He would stand out from the crowd, like Trump’s old pal, former New Jersey Gov Chris Christie, and Florida Gov. and Trump sycophant Ron DeSantis.

Mountains are made for climbing.

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