Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and President Biden campaigning for Newsom? “Stay tuned”, says the assistant

With California’s recall election just six weeks away and polls showing the race is tightening for Governor Newsom, Democrats are starting to step up efforts to beat her.

One strategy to energize voters: Bring in top national politicians like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Vice President Kamala Harris, and even President Joe Biden.

“Stay tuned,” Nathan Click, a Newsom assistant to ABC7 News told ABC7 News when asked who, when and how these surrogates will campaign on Newsom’s behalf.

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Vice President Harris recently told the San Francisco Chronicle that she would campaign for Newsom ahead of the election.

Click confirmed this sentence: “Expect to see it in some form or another over the next few weeks.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren has previously featured in a new advertisement for the “Stop the Republican Recall” campaign where she exposes what is at stake for Democrats if Newsom loses. Democrats hope tapping into well-known surrogates will help bridge the enthusiasm gap. Current polls show voters in favor of the recall are much more likely to vote than Democrats who support Newsom.

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“This is frankly a factor of whether Democrats participate or not,” Click said. “The goal of our campaign right now is to motivate Democrats. We know if Democrats vote, we win.”

According to Click, the Newsom team also plans to emphasize to voters how easy it is to vote. He said their campaign polls showed an almost 50% increase in the number of people saying they would likely vote on the recall after telling a voter how everyone would get a mail-in ballot.

While indoor gatherings are more unlikely due to the Delta variant, Click said Newsom is also likely to step up its in-person campaigns across the state.

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Another challenge for Newsom came on Tuesday morning when a new Emerson College / Nexstar poll shows Latino voters are now backing the recall by a narrow margin.

Christian Arana, vice president of policy for the Latino Community Foundation, said he was not surprised by the poll. He pointed out that one in four small business owners in the state are Latino.
“The Latin American community has been through a lot in the past year between the public health crisis with the covid, but also the economic consequences resulting from this public health crisis,” said Arana. “And so, as we approach this recall, a lot of small business owners, especially Latinos, are wondering who is to blame here? And some people are watching Newsom and blaming him for everything.”

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Arana said that in order to reach out to Latinos, the Newsom team needs to do more than run TV commercials in Spanish.

“The majority of the Latino voting bloc is young,” he said. “A lot of us don’t speak Spanish.”

Arana said what might help Newsom is an appearance by Senator Sanders, who won the state’s Democratic presidential primary in large part thanks to his support among young Latinos.

Sanders tweeted his support for Newsom but has yet to appear in a video or campaign event. When asked if Sanders would be making an appearance in the coming weeks, Click suggested that an announcement was coming soon.

“Stay tuned,” he said. “We love Bernie.”

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