Biden and Harris harmed vaccines

In the last episode of “Tucker Carlson says scandalous things to attract attention and controversy, ”the prime-time Fox News host blamed continued hesitation and lack of confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine at the President’s feet Joe biden and vice-president Kamala harris. And for good measure, he mocked the Vice President (who happens to be the first black female Vice President in US history) as “that ridiculous person from Kamala.” Charming!

The above moment came during a conversation with New York Post journalist Miranda Devine, who suggested that people refuse to be vaccinated against Covid because Biden and Harris continue to wear a mask despite having been vaccinated for the dangerous and potentially fatal contagion. “He’s just sending the message with everything he’s done that he didn’t believe vaccines work,” Devine said.

Carlson reveled in Devine’s assessment, saying, “You make the point so clearly. Him and his ridiculous vice president kissing her husband while they both wore masks and outside after being vaccinated, displays like this did more than antibiotics or banned characters like Robert Kennedy Jr. (which everyone must hate for some reason) Far more than any of these people, Kamala Harris and Biden have been doing it from the start.

Many polls reveal that most of the vaccine-reluctant in our country are white Republican men, the very targeted demonstration of Carlson’s agenda. The argument made here is that serious people choose NOT to take a scientifically proven and medically safe vaccine just because they see Biden and Harris wearing a mask even though they are vaccinated.

There are many other reasons people are reluctant to get vaccinated, and anecdotally I can say that from personal experience some of my friends have waited until many others have received a vaccine that has been laudably rushed through the development and approval process to ensure there weren’t any unfounded side effects that have yet to be revealed.

And like Philippe bump written in thursday Washington post, the slowdown in vaccination itself slowed down because the aforementioned ensemble is now more comfortable getting the vaccine, having seen millions of people receive the vaccine without any ill effects.

Theoretically, there are people who live in the United States who see President Biden wearing a mask or Vice President Kamala Harris kissing her husband through a mask and decide not to get the vaccine. But they are not serious or knowledgeable people. But if they exist in a statistically significant way, they are probably viewers. Tucker Carlson tonight, which is always a show for the less serious and uninformed viewers.

Watch above via Fox News.

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