Biden’s allies are said to be confused by Kamala Harris’ secret trip to California

It appears we have yet another example of Biden’s anonymous advisers or “allies” in the White House complaining about Vice President Kamala Harris.

Over the weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris made an overnight trip to Palm Springs without a public appearance. She arrived Friday evening and left Saturday morning with the White House provide no stated purpose of the trip.

Monday morning, New York Times reporter at the White House, Annie Karni tweeted, “This trip to California is confusing for some of Biden’s allies, who wonder why the vice president who was a senator is not more involved in helping the administration’s national agenda get the support it needs in the Senate. . “

Congressional Democrats are currently struggling to agree on legislative language that bringing infrastructure and social spending bills to a standstill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to delay voting on a bipartisan infrastructure package again last week after House progressives threatened to reject it due to lack of progress on a project separate expenditure law.

Harris, who was indeed a congressman from 2017 until early this year, has apparently been leaked more than any other vice president in recent memory.

After Harris’ much maligned interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, CNN reported that several administration officials were “quietly perplexed as to what they perceived to be her bumpy responses to questions of whether she would go to the US border. -mexican “.

When Politico reported that his office was an “abusive environment” where “people are thrown under the bus from the top,” anonymous members of Biden’s team said they were “concerned about the way employees de Harris are treated “.

The most damning report came from Axios in July. The term “s-tshow” has been used in reference to Harris’ office, and Democratic agents have said they become increasingly pessimistic about the prospects of Harris being the Democratic Party flag bearer once Biden is finished.

“Most Democrats don’t say, ‘Oh, no, our heir apparent is fucked up, what are we going to do?’ It’s more than people think, ‘Oh, she’s fucked up, maybe she shouldn’t be the apparent heiress,’ “Axios said, citing a Democratic agent.

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