Brandon Judd: Kamala Harris can’t visit southern border because resolving issues ‘would go against his base’

National Border Patrol Council Chairman Brandon Judd criticized the Biden administration on Monday on “Your World,” saying the men and women in uniform who patrol the southern border do not receive the “support and support. help “they need to” control the problem “.

BRANDON JUDD: We continue to put politics ahead of the American public. We continue to put politics before the people who get their hands on these dangerous criminal cartels, these organizations that abuse them. If we keep sending the message that the border is open, then people will come. We will continue to see boats capsizing off San Diego. We will continue to see people crossing the dangerous deserts of Arizona. We will continue to see people die because they believe this administration will let them in. We have to send the message. Border patrol officers, people like me who put on a uniform and come out and patrol the border, we’ve never faced this type of crisis before. And we are not getting the support and help from the administration that we need to control this problem. It must stop …

If she [Kamala Harris] when she arrives at the border, she is expected to do exactly what Vice President Pence did. Vice President Pence came to the border, saw the problem, and immediately fixed some of the things he couldn’t see. Vice President Harris can’t do this because it would go against her base if she went down and fixed the problem. This is the main reason why she is not coming.

Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Ariz., Also weighed in on the border crisis, noting that Biden is “just trying to appease his base” in the face of the influx of migrants and has opened the “floodgates” with his rhetoric about the situation.

SHERIFF MARK LAMB: Well you know he’s just trying to appease his base … there’s 60,000 people that we saw on camera or chased in a car chase or with our helicopters in the first quarter. in the only Tucson area of ​​Arizona that escaped. 60,000. Plus, they still let 170,000 people in here. This is all semantics. That’s all they do, is talk about semantics. They keep trying to fool the American public … All they do is turn on the floodgates for more and more people to come, undermining not only the border patrol and the ICE, but the sheriffs and other people who serve on a daily basis. , who put on this badge to try to protect our communities.


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