Cam Newton knows 69 passing yards ‘isn’t the sexiest thing’ but doesn’t care as long as Patriots win

Cam Newton knows he’s not filling in the best moments or his passing stats. But with four Patriots wins in the last five games, including Sunday’s 45-0 beating against the Los Angeles Chargers, he doesn’t care.

“Absolutely. The problem is that a lot of times when people play the game they’re fixated on the stats,” he said in his weekly interview on the Greg Hill Morning Show on WEEI. “For me personally, I played this game long enough to have played and had games where I had 400 yards and lost and I had a lot of yards and won and I had games like the last one. game where I had 69 yards and won or I had 120 yards and lost. I have said this several times. I really want to win. “

Newton’s three lowest passing yardage totals in a single game have come this year. Sunday’s 69 yards in the air were the lowest and last week’s 84 was the second lowest, but those two games were wins. In Carolina he has never been under 100 and in most of his games he has passed for yardage than he has in the last combined weeks.

“Appreciating the way I play the game isn’t the sexiest thing. I’ll be the first person to tell you this, ”Newton said. “People always compare quarterbacks to quarterbacks, which is the right thing to do, but the style of play is completely different,” he said. “Watching my game and watching Patrick Mahomes play or Tom Brady play or whoever is a sniper in this league that shoots a lot of yards. It’s one way to win. I understand that. But the way the teams came forward for us to win was different. … I would be the first person to tell you that this is not the sexiest thing. But the antidote to this is that when you earn 45 nothing, what more can you do? You want me to substitute the score for personal success. It’s not the sexiest thing to see the quarterback throw for 69 yards. But what we did as an attack, we had some situational football that we hit at home.

Newton said he’s not pushing for more throws.

“We run the ball pretty well, pretty solid. Anything I get asked of Bill (Belichick), Josh (McDaniels), Jedd (Fisch, quarterback coach) and those guys I’m all for. You are not going to hear me complain about my victory, ”he said. “If that happens, I will be readily available to throw the ball. There are things that we have missed, me personally, with inaccuracies, with this and the third and I’m not here to complain or bicker about it. We have the most important statistic. It’s winning the football game. “

The best assist of the day could have been Jarrett Stidham’s tilt to Gunner Olszewski which the receiver turned into a touchdown. Newton had more joy than jealousy.

“I’m so proud of Stid, man. We had a conversation in the QB room on Monday. Its growth and development really caught my attention. (Earlier) I’m not sure if he could have stood in the pocket, a cloudy pocket and throwing an absolute strike on Gun Show. After the first game he was hit and was down. For him, bouncing off that says a lot about growth. I am extremely happy to see him grow up.

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