The GOP doesn’t care that Trump planned a coup. Democrats?

TThanks to the explosive documents released by the House Oversight and Reform Committee just ahead of Tuesday’s January 6 insurgency hearing, Americans have a clear and unequivocal view of how far former President Donald Trump has gone to attempt to corrupt our democratic institutions, engage in a violent coup and …

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Nevada Democrats Feel Frustration and Hope | STEVE SEBELIUS

Frustration and hope. These are the currents that rock Democrats in Nevada these days, as longtime professional organizers come to terms with a state party taken over by progressive activists. Although the former party leader – former Senator Harry Reid – told the Nevada Newsmakers interview program that there was …

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Democrats still looking for a balance to curb drug prices

WASHINGTON – Democrats have pledged to pass legislation this year to lower prescription drug prices, but they still disagree on how to cut costs for patients and taxpayers while preserving the profits that drive investors to support potentially promising treatments. It’s about finding a balance: How big should Medicare be …

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