Tom Cotton: Democrats will pay the price for their policies

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark. joined “Fox News Primetime” to discuss the difference between “radical” Democrats’ policies and what “normal Americans” care about. TOM COTTON: Democrats have realized that the conditions they are creating in the country and the results of their policies are not going to help them at the …

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Democrats and Republicans are concerned

Call it primary anxiety. New Jersey’s two main parties have shown symptoms – nail biting, overspending on attack ads – as tomorrow’s contests approach, when voters select the gubernatorial candidates and the 120 seats in the election. ‘Legislative Assembly. It is not too difficult to diagnose the source of the …

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German Christian Democrats fight populists in the East

TIT LITTLE The East German state of Saxony-Anhalt is led by a so-called “Kenya” coalition, made up of three parties whose colors correspond to that country’s flag: the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU), the Social Democrats and the Greens. But the infighting is so bad that it should be named after …

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