Democrat avoids Kabul fallout

Republicans’ efforts to subject Democrats to the fallout of Kabul’s fall won’t necessarily hit voters – or instill fear in midterm candidates. Why is this important: Axios visited Virginia’s 7th District last week, where Rep. Abigail Spanberger is running for re-election in a prominent district. She focused only on selling …

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Pelosi deadlocked centrist Democrats with key vote ahead

WASHINGTON – Centrist House Democrats were locked in a stalemate over the weekend with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) On when to vote on a roughly $ 1 infrastructure bill Trillion dollars, jeopardizing the chamber’s ability to advance a large segment of President Biden’s agenda in votes expected earlier …

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Letters: We must accelerate the eradication of COVID-19; Texas Democrats fled the state, shirked their homework; Beside the GOP, the criticism of the Democrats laughable

The COVID variants are more deadly. Miraculously, we have accelerated the emergency use of vaccines to help fight COVID-19. Vaccines are not 100% effective and we are still learning how vaccines actually work in the general population. Now we have learned from the groundbreaking cases of our unmasked vaccines that …

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