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MIAMI, Fla. / CNN – A nurse in South Florida has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris, Department of Justice officials have said.

Niviane Petit Phelps, 39, pleaded guilty on Friday to an indictment of six counts including charges of threats against the vice president. The woman is to be sentenced on November 19. She could spend up to five years in federal prison.

At a plea hearing, Phelps admitted that she sent her husband, who was in jail, a 30-second video of herself threatening to kill Harris in February.

The video shows Phelps making threats and shouting curses, prosecutors said. She claimed she accepted $ 53,000 to complete the “coup” against Harris within 50 days, the Justice Department said.

After submitting these videos, Phelps uploaded a photo of herself holding a gun with a target foil at a shooting range. Two days later, Phelps applied for a concealed weapon license, prosecutors said.

Phelps also admitted to telling law enforcement officers who handled this case that if they hadn’t come to her house, she didn’t know what would have happened.

Phelps’ attorney, Scott B. Saul, argued that his client “is adamant that she was letting off steam as she went through a tumultuous time in her life and had never had it. ‘intention to carry out his threats.’

He added that “it has been important for Ms Phelps to demonstrate her acceptance of responsibility as she begins to atone for her aberrant actions”, but that she “plans to demonstrate significant mitigating circumstances” with the aim of obtain a “fair” sentence from the judge handling his case.

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Fake Crypto News Kamala Harris Campaign Alumni Argue Dumbest Story of the Month https://knoxdemocrats.org/fake-crypto-news-kamala-harris-campaign-alumni-argue-dumbest-story-of-the-month/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/fake-crypto-news-kamala-harris-campaign-alumni-argue-dumbest-story-of-the-month/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 02:00:23 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/fake-crypto-news-kamala-harris-campaign-alumni-argue-dumbest-story-of-the-month/

Two stories – one fake, one painfully real – aired in dotted lines on Monday morning. Two stories, so bafflingly stupid in their content, that it’s hard to tell which one would win (or lose?) In a contest to decide which is the dumbest story of the day.

In one corner, fake news was accidentally picked up by serious news outlets and created a crypto mini-bubble in the process. In another, a group of policy consultants turned to a highly specialized, trendy business consulting brand that feels ripped off Veep. We just can’t resist diving into both.

Dumb and even dumber

Let’s set the scene. Early Monday morning, GlobeNewswire sent out a press release announcing that Walmart had entered into a partnership with litecoin, a little-known cryptocurrency. Soon after, legitimate news sources told the story as well, and Litecoin’s value rose. But there’s a catch: the press release was bogus, the partnership was fictional, and now all the journalists look foolish.

  • Reuters, Yahoo Finance and CNBC all took the thread’s comments seriously and published the article without further verification; the Financial Times, however, could not find a corresponding press release on Walmart’s website or Form 8-K on its SEC page.
  • Litecoin, which had a brief spike to $ 300 during the great crypto boom of May 2021, has mostly been trading around $ 175 per coin for most of the summer and opened at $ 183 on Wednesday; after the success of the fake news, that number jumped to $ 233.75, followed by a sharp drop after a series of retractions.

Walmart quickly denied the story, bringing the embarrassing episode to an end.

Speaking of embarrassing episodes: a group of former Kamala Harris campaign advisers have started a new strategy firm to help CEOs avoid embarrassing episodes. The group, dubbed C Street, is working to prevent CEOs from being “canceled” and hopes to help companies navigate the difficult waters of so-called “waking capitalism.”

The general merits, pitfalls, and realities of cancellation culture are all in the eye of the beholder. But one thing’s for sure: is there an easier way to get the hang of it than to call the anti-cancellation crisis management company?

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Republicans want telecom companies to keep phone records of Kamala Harris, Pelosi, AOC and other Democrats after January 6 committee asked for theirs https://knoxdemocrats.org/republicans-want-telecom-companies-to-keep-phone-records-of-kamala-harris-pelosi-aoc-and-other-democrats-after-january-6-committee-asked-for-theirs/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/republicans-want-telecom-companies-to-keep-phone-records-of-kamala-harris-pelosi-aoc-and-other-democrats-after-january-6-committee-asked-for-theirs/#respond Wed, 08 Sep 2021 04:06:22 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/republicans-want-telecom-companies-to-keep-phone-records-of-kamala-harris-pelosi-aoc-and-other-democrats-after-january-6-committee-asked-for-theirs/

On January 6, 2021, insurgencies of photos faithful to President Donald Trump gather at the United States Capitol in Washington. The House committee investigating the January 6 insurgency on Capitol Hill asks social media and telecommunications companies to keep telephone or computer records of hundreds of people potentially involved in planning to “challenge, delay or interfere” with the President Joe Biden’s certification of victory. AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana, File

  • The Jan. 6 select committee announced two weeks ago that it would seek electronic records from “several hundred people,” including members of Congress.

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Said any business that turned over files to the committee would be “shut down.”

  • Several companies have received letters from House Republicans asking to preserve Democrats’ records, including Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

  • See more stories on the Insider business page.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs and several House Republicans sent letters Tuesday to 14 telecommunications companies asking them to keep phone records and data from 16 Democrats so “future congresses can investigate the alleged violations.” . Fox Business reported.

The letters were sent two weeks after the The January 6 select committee has been announced He will seek electronic communication records of “several hundred people”, including members of Congress, for his investigation into the Capitol Riot.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene denounced the decision of the August 31 episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, threatening any company that would submit files to the committee. would be “closed”.

Republican officials echoed this sentiment in their subsequent letters, one of which was written to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and tweeted by Rep. Paul Gosar: “The US Constitution and the US Supreme Court Precedent prevent committees from obtaining these documents and prohibits you from providing them. Simply put, neither the committee nor you have the legal authority to provide these documents. “

Legal experts told the Washington Post that there is no specific law preventing these companies from transmitting information to the committee.

Several other companies also received letters, including Amazon, AOL, Apple, AT&T, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Snap, Inc., T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, Signal, and Telegram.

If the companies decide to turn the files over to the Jan.6 select committee, the letters also ask them to keep the files of several Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House Jerry Nadler, Representative Alexandria Ocasio. -Cortez, and Representative Eric Swalwell, Fox Business reported.

Republican Representatives Jody Hice, Matt Gaetz, Scott Perry, Louie gohmert, and Madison Cawthorn joins Biggs, Greene and Gosar signing the letter to Dorsey.

Read the original article on Business intern

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Kamala Harris is a case study on overbreadth of alarm clocks https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-is-a-case-study-on-overbreadth-of-alarm-clocks/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-is-a-case-study-on-overbreadth-of-alarm-clocks/#respond Sat, 04 Sep 2021 06:00:00 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-is-a-case-study-on-overbreadth-of-alarm-clocks/

Kamala Harris’ Rise Sends a Message of Hope to Young Girls of Color ”. It was just one of many tributes paid by the US media to the US First Vice President of Black and Asian Heritage. The report in question spoke of Harris “often stooping down to meet [children of colour] up to their eyes and asking for their aspirations without breaking eye contact ”during his campaign.

The Indian She went even further. “Young girls around the world have seen a part of themselves in ‘Harris’, with the hope that one day it might be them.” One might wonder why Indian girls aspiring to high office would need to seek inspiration halfway around the world when their own country elected its first female prime minister in 1966 – when Harris was two – but we are there.

There is a certain irony in the media which would be among the first to point out and condemn any sign of Western imperialism in other contexts that seem to have little difficulty in erasing the achievements of non-white women politicians around the world in order to ‘amplify the importance of vice president’s success.

As fate would have it, the catastrophe of the departure of the United States and its allies from Afghanistan came under the watchful eye of Harris’ running mate, Joe Biden. Afghan women and girls are among the most vulnerable human beings in the world today, a group in dire need of a politically powerful voice.

But Harris – despite her platform and all the accolades she’s received for winning it – clearly failed to provide that voice.

I grew up on the same continent as Afghanistan, and my own country was not a utopia for girls or women. But whatever the plight of the Bangladeshi girls is, it simply does not compare to the horrors inflicted on the Afghan female population under the Taliban. The terrifying stories coming from Afghanistan when I was younger made me feel like something was coming out of the history books, but of course girls my age lived through that.

As pointless and utterly hopeless as the West’s operation in Afghanistan may now seem, by all accounts the women and girls of that country have experienced a real change in their lives over the past two decades. followed since 2001. It has been reported that girls were denied the right to go to school under the Taliban growing up to be writers and activists as children after the fall of the theocratic regime. There are now Afghan women who are doctors, politicians and journalists – or at least they were until last month. Zarifa Ghafari became the youngest mayor of Afghanistan in 2019. After the fall of Kabul, the 29-year-old had to flee her country hiding in a car.

There is a whole generation of girls who have never had to endure the harms of Taliban oppression, but who are already seeing their rights threatened by their newly reinstated leaders. In accordance with the ideology of the Taliban, women are disappearing from public life.

What could Kamala Harris have done about it, one might ask. That would be a better question for Harris’ cheerleaders, who hailed her electoral success as a victory for disadvantaged and underrepresented girls around the world. It is the fact that her election was celebrated as something far greater than a personal accomplishment that makes her almost completely invisible during a time of crisis of this magnitude for the female population of Afghanistan so completely unfathomable.

There are Afghan women and men who heroically hold their own, vying to continue fighting for women’s rights in the face of one of the most barbaric regimes in the world. Outside that country, members of the Afghan diaspora continue to make their voices heard, highlighting the horrors of the Taliban regime and refusing to let the world’s attention shift from Afghanistan.

But none of these people are likely to be called heroes by sycophantic journalists or magazines, though each of them deserves it far more than Harris, who has been elected to one of the most powerful positions. in the world, doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do with it.

A bit like his boss, of course. But even the most obsequious sections of the American media had failed to elevate Biden to the status accorded to Harris.

As we get used to the United States hanging up its boots as the world’s policeman, we also need to learn not to look only to the West for saviors. All too often, Western politicians have been hailed as heroes – even winning the Nobel Peace Prize – simply because they won an election.

It is time that we judge our politicians on what they actually accomplish with the power they wield. Evaluating them on the basis of anything less leaves us looking for heroes in the wrong places.

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Turning away from Afghanistan, US focuses on China https://knoxdemocrats.org/turning-away-from-afghanistan-us-focuses-on-china/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/turning-away-from-afghanistan-us-focuses-on-china/#respond Wed, 01 Sep 2021 01:32:40 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/turning-away-from-afghanistan-us-focuses-on-china/

After two decades of focusing on Afghanistan, the US withdrawal this week allows the country to shift its focus east, where China’s rival superpower is now the number one priority.

A sign of Washington’s strategic shift, Vice President Kamala Harris was in Southeast Asia last week even as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan entered its turbulent final days, hoping to bolster the resistance of US allies against the giant of the region.

Harris accused Beijing of “actions that… threaten the rules-based international order,” particularly its aggressive claims to territory in the South China Sea.

His tour of Singapore and Vietnam was seen as an effort by President Joe Biden’s administration to reassure Asian allies, who were somewhat worried about the US withdrawal from Kabul after the sudden fall of the Afghan government that Washington had supported during almost 20 years. years.

US Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks in Singapore on visit to promote US relations in the region against alleged threat from China Photo: POOL / EVELYN HOCKSTEIN

Ryan Hass, a foreign policy specialist at the Brookings Institution, said the debacle of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan would not have a lasting impact on Washington’s credibility in Asia.

“America’s position in Asia is based on its shared interests with its partners to balance China’s rise and preserve the long peace that has supported the region’s rapid development,” Hass said.

“None of these factors are lessened by the events in Afghanistan,” he told AFP.

The American shift to East Asia “will open up new opportunities” for the United States and its partners in the region, he told AFP.

Taliban troops at Kabul airport: Will China or Russia see the Taliban's seizure of power in Afghanistan as a sign of the weakness of the United States? Taliban troops at Kabul airport: Will China or Russia see the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan as a sign of the weakness of the United States? Photo credit: AFP / WAKIL KOHSAR

Lawmaker Adam Smith, head of the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services, said the United States’ exit from Afghanistan is unlikely to alter the balance between the United States and rival superpowers Russia and China.

He on Tuesday rejected suggestions that the Americans’ seeming momentary display of weakness might encourage China to invade Taiwan or Russia to attack Ukraine, for example.

“I think anyone thinks their [Russia’s or China’s] the math has changed dramatically because we just pulled the last 2,500 troops out of Afghanistan – I really don’t see that, ”Smith said in an online conference at Brookings.

“There are a lot of other questions that come into play as to whether or not Russia and China will feel like they have the capacity to be aggressive in these parts of the world,” he said. he declares.

Derek Grossman, a former Pentagon official and now defense expert with think tank Rand Corporation, said China may seek an advantage in fostering good relations with the Taliban, the militant Islamist group that US forces have fought for. 20 years before regaining power in Afghanistan. 15.

Beijing could quickly decide to recognize the Taliban government, even as Washington and other Western governments wait to convince the new Afghan rulers to moderate their intransigent policies.

“China, as a new great power competing with the United States, probably wants to demonstrate its unique way of handling world events, which tends to be – often reflexively – the opposite of Washington’s approach. “said Grossman.

“Recognizing Taliban-ruled Afghanistan would help give the impression that it is Beijing, and no longer Washington, that is now setting the agenda and shaping the future regional order,” he said.

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Kamala Harris Says Evacuation of Americans, Afghan Allies is Biden Administrator’s “Highest Priority” https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-says-evacuation-of-americans-afghan-allies-is-biden-administrators-highest-priority/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-says-evacuation-of-americans-afghan-allies-is-biden-administrators-highest-priority/#respond Sat, 28 Aug 2021 09:08:22 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-says-evacuation-of-americans-afghan-allies-is-biden-administrators-highest-priority/

Vice President Kamala Harris said the evacuation of Americans and their allies in Afghanistan was the administration’s “highest priority”, while answering questions from reporters in Vietnam on Thursday.

She reiterated that the United States had already evacuated more than 80,000 people since the Taliban took Kabul earlier this month. Yet thousands of people remained in limbo, and the State Department issued a warning on Thursday urging people to stay away from Kabul airport due to an “imminent” terrorist threat.

“Every day and night we continue to evacuate thousands of people, realizing that it is risky for them to be there,” Harris told reporters in Hanoi, acknowledging that it was a “dangerous mission. and difficult, but it has to be done and we intend to do it the best we can. ”

When asked what the United States was going to do to help women and children in the country in particular, she said she had devoted “her entire career to protecting women and children.”


She said the administration was working with allies to ensure that “we stay focused on this issue to do all we can” regarding the evacuations and to protect women living in the area.

The Taliban have made threats in the past against girls and women who go to school or work.

Harris ‘press conference came at the end of a short crossing of Southeast Asia, which also included Singapore, and sought to underscore the United States’ engagement in the region and counter that of Beijing.

US Vice President Kamala Harris meets with civil society change actors working on LGBT, transgender and disability rights and climate change at the US Head of Mission’s Residence in Hanoi, Vietnam, Thursday, August 26, 2021 (Associated Press)

She also hosted an event earlier today with LGBTQ and climate change activists and met with the prime minister and president of the country on Wednesday, pledging an additional 1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine to the country on top of the 5 million already sent. .


In Singapore, she spoke bluntly about China.

“We know that Beijing continues to coerce, intimidate and claim the vast majority of the South China Sea,” she said in a foreign policy speech Tuesday in which she laid out the administration’s vision Biden for the Indo-Pacific. “Beijing’s actions continue to undermine the rules-based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations.”

Harris avoided the improvised blunders that overshadowed his first trip overseas, to Guatemala and Mexico in the spring, where his statement to migrants – “don’t come” – and his dismissal of questions about his refusal to visit the border was drew criticism from both sides of the aisle. Harris answered reporters’ questions at several points during this trip and sat down for a lengthy interview with cable.


On his return trip, Harris will stop at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii to meet with the military. Next, she will focus on US politics at an event in the San Francisco area for Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom, who is facing an attempted recall.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Kamala Harris calls Biden move ‘courageous’ in Afghanistan as others in White House blame Trump https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-calls-biden-move-courageous-in-afghanistan-as-others-in-white-house-blame-trump/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-calls-biden-move-courageous-in-afghanistan-as-others-in-white-house-blame-trump/#respond Tue, 24 Aug 2021 15:15:26 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-calls-biden-move-courageous-in-afghanistan-as-others-in-white-house-blame-trump/

Vice President Kamala Harris gave President Biden credit for deciding to end the war in Afghanistan, even though members of the administration – including Biden himself – blamed former President Trump for having agreed to withdraw American troops.

As the United States struggles to evacuate the Americans and their allies from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of the country, Harris described the situation as the result of correct decision making by the current administration without mentioning the rapid victory of the Taliban.


“Months ago President Joe Biden made the courageous and fair decision to end this war because we accomplished what we went there for,” Harris said in a speech in Singapore Monday. . She went on to say that the United States was “laser focused on the task at hand,” which she described as a “historic airlift that happened.[ing] in an incredibly difficult and dangerous environment. “

The positivity contrasted starkly with past comments in which the administration accused Trump of forcing Biden to step down by making a deal with the Taliban.

“When I came to power, I inherited a deal that President Trump negotiated with the Taliban,” Biden said Aug. 16, saying his choice was either to honor that deal or to fight back. .


The day before, Secretary of State Antony Blinken also blamed Trump during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the press. “

“We inherited a deadline negotiated by the previous administration. That deadline was May 1 and the idea that we could have maintained the status quo beyond May 1 if the president had decided to stay, I thinks is fiction, ”Blinken said. The secretary went on to say that if Biden had chosen to stay in Afghanistan, “all gloves would have been taken off” and the United States “would have been at war again, with the Taliban attack our forces. “

The finger-pointing at Trump didn’t stop there. Last Tuesday, in response to a question about a report that one of the Taliban negotiators was released from Guantanamo Bay during a prisoner swap when Biden was vice president, White House press secretary Jen Psaki, switched to Trump.

“During the negotiations and previous commitments made under the Trump administration, thousands of people have been released,” Psaki said.


Harris’s insistence that the pullout was the right move when officials also blame Trump for the situation is emblematic of the administration’s message on Afghanistan. Biden himself took both positions. Although he stressed that the Trump deal had an impact on the choice he had to make, he also said ABCIt’s George Stephanopoulos that he would have taken similar steps even without Trump’s deal.

“I would have tried to figure out how to withdraw these troops,” Biden said.

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S’pore halt traffic to transport Kamala Harris from Paya Lebar Air Force Base to Shangri-La Hotel – Mothership.SG https://knoxdemocrats.org/spore-halt-traffic-to-transport-kamala-harris-from-paya-lebar-air-force-base-to-shangri-la-hotel-mothership-sg/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/spore-halt-traffic-to-transport-kamala-harris-from-paya-lebar-air-force-base-to-shangri-la-hotel-mothership-sg/#respond Sun, 22 Aug 2021 21:56:11 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/spore-halt-traffic-to-transport-kamala-harris-from-paya-lebar-air-force-base-to-shangri-la-hotel-mothership-sg/

Traffic on some roads in Singapore came to a complete stop for several minutes on Sunday morning, August 22, 2021.

Uninterrupted travel for VVIP guests

The aim was to transport the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, from Paya Lebar Air Force Base, where she landed just before 11 a.m., to the Shangri-La Hotel, which will be her accommodation until ‘to Tuesday afternoon, August 22.

Videos showed the traffic at a standstill

The presence of the US Second in Command was keenly felt by motorists, pedestrians and public transport commuters here.

Videos uploaded showed local traffic and auxiliary police on the ground escorting the VVIP motorcade from several vehicles carrying Harris and his entourage of 20 staff and security guards, who were given priority and uninterrupted right of way because everyone else on the road was stopped in their tracks.

A video on TIC Tac, which can also be viewed here, showed the procession moving along Beach Road:

Another video showed the convoy stopping near the Shangri-La hotel:

Marching band in front of the Shangri-La Hotel

Harris’s arrival at the Shangri-La Hotel via Anderson Road was greeted with fanfare, as pedestrians on the sidewalk were seen enthusiastically greeting the Vice President in one of the vehicles with tinted windows.

In video Shot down by a pedestrian, Harris can be seen staring out the window from the passenger seat of her Chevrolet.

The Chevrolet it was in, along with other similar vehicles, was flown to Singapore and does not have local license plates.

Lightning trip

Harris, 56, left the United States on Saturday August 21 and remained aboard Air Force Two when it stopped in Anchorage, Alaska for refueling and in the Japanese capital Tokyo , announced the White House.

An orchid will be named in his honor during a ceremony at Istana.

Harris will travel to Vietnam on Tuesday before leaving the region on Thursday, August 26.

Top photo via mmong188 TikTok and singapore guitar trips YouTube

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Kamala Harris begins historic trip to Southeast Asia amid Afghan crisis https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-begins-historic-trip-to-southeast-asia-amid-afghan-crisis/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-begins-historic-trip-to-southeast-asia-amid-afghan-crisis/#respond Sun, 22 Aug 2021 06:28:32 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-begins-historic-trip-to-southeast-asia-amid-afghan-crisis/

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Singapore on Sunday, as she began her trip to Southeast Asia.

Why is this important: As the crisis in Afghanistan continues to unfold, a Biden administration official said Harris will “clarify” during his visit “that we have an enduring commitment” to Asia.

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  • Harris is Biden’s highest official to visit Asia and she should try to rally an international coalition to limit the influence of the Chinese government.

  • She is due to arrive in Hanoi on Tuesday evening, the first time that an American vice-president has visited Vietnam.

The big picture: Harris left Washington, DC on Friday to refuel in Alaska and Japan.

What they say : Southeast Asia was “strategically and economically important” to the United States, a White House official said, by AFP.

What to expect: “The vice president will focus on three key areas during this trip – we call it the three-legged stool, which is security, economic partnership and global health, ”a senior official said. , according to a report from the pool.

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Kamala Harris’ Wife to Represent United States at Tokyo Paralympic Games | national https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-wife-to-represent-united-states-at-tokyo-paralympic-games-national/ https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-wife-to-represent-united-states-at-tokyo-paralympic-games-national/#respond Wed, 11 Aug 2021 05:30:00 +0000 https://knoxdemocrats.org/kamala-harris-wife-to-represent-united-states-at-tokyo-paralympic-games-national/

WASHINGTON (AP) – Doug Emhoff, wife of Vice President Kamala Harris, is making her first solo trip abroad and will lead a delegation to the Tokyo Paralympics later this month.

President Joe Biden made the announcement on Tuesday.

Emhoff will lead a small delegation of himself and one other to the Games which, like the Olympics, were delayed for a year because of the coronavirus and will also be held as Tokyo sees an increase in infections fueled by the more contagious delta variant of the virus.

He will attend the opening ceremony on August 24 with Raymond Greene, the US official in charge of the US embassy in Tokyo until an ambassador is sworn in.

About 4,400 physically disabled athletes from 160 countries will participate in more than 20 sporting events under strict public health measures, much like the Olympics, until September 5.

Japan has counted 1 million infections and more than 15,700 deaths from COVID-19, faring better than many countries, but the delta variant has caused many of the more recent cases and is accelerating the spread of the virus .

New daily cases in Tokyo more than doubled during the Olympics, which ended on Sunday, with 2,884 cases recorded on Monday.

Biden has asked his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, to attend the Olympics opening ceremony on July 23. She also met the Prime Minister, the Emperor and attended several Olympic competitions before returning to Washington.

Emhoff, a former entertainment lawyer, has traveled to more than 20 states since Biden and Harris took office in January. He mainly visited COVID-19 clinics and encouraged people to get vaccinated against the disease.

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