letter: republicans want autocracy | Opinion letters

After the “9-11” tragedy, America and Partners sued Bin Laden in Afghanistan. In “2003” “W” took a left turn to introduce Iraq with all the strength and fury of the US military; it was the war that should never have been. If we had hit Afghanistan with the same intensity, …

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Do religious Latinos vote Republican or Democrat?

Anna Luna, a 32-year-old Mexican American who is running for the 13th Congressional District of Florida as a Republican, still remembers when she told her mother she would vote in 2016 for the GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Her mother was so upset – and loud – about her feelings …

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Yellen again warns Congress of US debt limit as Republicans balk

WASHINGTON, Aug.9 (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday again urged Congress to raise the U.S. debt ceiling through bipartisan action as more Republicans balked at the idea of ” increase the federal government’s borrowing capacity. Yellen, in another advisory to U.S. lawmakers, warned of the economic damage …

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