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Christmas classics could be very different if they were written under the administration of President Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, the White House admitted that the shortages will worsen. “There will be things people cannot get” at Christmas, a senior White House official told Reuters.

‘It was the night before Christmas, when all over the house

Not a creature moved, not even a mouse;

No stockings have been carefully hung by the fireplace,

A shortage of supplies had prevented them from being there.

One of these items can be your Christmas tree. The American Christmas Tree Association warned consumers last month that both live and artificial trees will be scarce this year. He blamed a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest and delays in the supply chain at ports.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, Your leaves are so hard to find.

Biden held a press conference on Wednesday to address supply chain bottlenecks. He acknowledged that it was difficult to buy items ranging from “toasters and sneakers to bicycles and bedroom furniture” and said he had signed an executive order dealing with the issue in February. But if the order had been effective, his press conference would not have been necessary. His big news is that the Port of Los Angeles will now operate 24 hours a day. It sounds good, but “it won’t accomplish anything,” Craig Grossgart, senior vice president for global oceans at SEKO Logistics, told the Washington Post. . “It’s just a facade.”

Come they told me

pa rum pum pum pum

Saved ships to view

pa rum pum pum pum

A severe shortage of truckers is contributing to the problems. There are no easy short-term fixes. Driving a truck long distances is exhausting and lonely work. Some truck drivers are using the higher salary they are now receiving to take more time off. But Biden’s decision in March to extend unemployment benefits and send out checks for $ 1,400 did not increase the incentive to work.

Santa Baby, just slide a truck under the tree, for me.

Energy prices are also skyrocketing. Gasoline prices have jumped over $ 1 per gallon since last October. The government also predicts that natural gas heating bills will be 30% higher than last year. Many factors influence energy prices, but Biden’s efforts to regulate the demise of fossil fuels have had an effect.

The heat is lowered very low.

Don’t let it snow. Don’t let it snow. Don’t let it snow.

The labor market is anemic. The number of people employed or looking for work is 3.1 million lower than before the pandemic. In September, employers added 194,000 jobs, but 183,000 people left the workforce. Not great.

The cumulative effect is soaring inflation. On Wednesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices had risen 5.4% in the previous 12 months. For months, political leaders assured the public that inflation would be fleeting. In July, Biden said he expected the price increases “to be temporary.”

Nope. On Tuesday, an IMF report said the Federal Reserve must be “ready to act quickly” to fight inflation.

Have a merry little Christmas.

May your heart be light,

Now your rates

Will be out of sight.

Biden’s legislative signing efforts would make all of this worse. The $ 3.5 trillion spending program proposed by Progressive Democrats would further erode the incentive to work and take money away from the more productive private sector. Stagflation would be a real possibility.

Maybe Biden is filming for a starring role in the Dr. Seuss classic.

How Joe Biden Stole Christmas.

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