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• Although most tax rates have fallen by more than half, tax revenues nearly doubled over a 10-year period beginning in 1980.

In some ways, Biden’s rise to power is analogous to Carter’s. The difference is that while Watergate represented a very real leadership crisis in the country’s highest office, the leadership crisis under Donald Trump was a creation of the mainstream media aided by Trump’s volatile personality. Now Joe Biden represents Jimmy Carter redux.

Carter’s inept leadership had the hostage crisis in Iran as its defining symbol. Notably, the hostages were freed just before Reagan’s inauguration.

Whether Biden is defined by the mess in Afghanistan remains to be seen. But don’t bet on the mainstream media making it an enduring issue of what has happened in recent days. The rest of the news cycle has already started, in fact, as the usual suspects – NBC, MSNBC, CNN, et al – focus on COVID vaccinations. On Thursday morning, NBC’s Today Show devoted the first 10 minutes of its program to COVID before addressing Afghanistan. This, of course, plays directly into the strategy of the Biden administration, as Biden’s COVID-dominated press conference this week revealed a clear diversion strategy.

Carter’s weakness was global. The economy was in turmoil, the United States was seen as weak on the international front, Americans were discouraged to say the least, and there was little sign of relief. Seems familiar?

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