Congressional candidate Mike Carey speaks at Athens County Republicans’ dinner

Ohio 15th District Republican Congressional candidate Mike Carey spoke at a dinner hosted by Athens County Republicans on Thursday.

The dinner was held at the Shade Community Center and included live music and a silent auction in addition to Carey’s speech. Before speaking, Carey received a brief introduction from Athens County Republicans Chairman Pete Couladis.

To begin with, Carey detailed her personal history in rural Ohio, anecdotally describing part of her childhood on a 500-acre farm. He went on to describe getting a Reserve Officer Training Corps, or ROTC, scholarship and attending school at Ohio State University before joining the Army National Guard. Later, Carey became a member of the Ohio Coal Association.

He highlighted his frustration with the current coal industry, saying coal mining has increased from 1.2 billion tonnes per year to 437 million tonnes. Carey attributed the change to the policies of former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

“We have seen the destruction of this industry before our very eyes,” said Carey. “For no environmental reason.”

Carey also addressed the border issue, declaring his agreement with former President Donald Trump‘s ideas on building a wall. There is not only a humanitarian crisis at the border, but also a drug crisis, said Carey.

Additionally, he expressed his belief that the federal government has “bribed the public with public money” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States is moving more towards socialism than towards democracy, he said. Carey believes socialism restricts freedom and has said that was his motivation for his campaign.

Carey also addressed rising gasoline prices and the country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. He cited his experience in the armed forces which taught him to “never give up on a man”. He said that idea was not followed when Biden withdrew US troops from Afghanistan.

“What he (Biden) has done to this country, what he has done to our position in the world, is a travesty,” Carey said.

Finishing his speech, Carey addressed his opponent Allison Russo. He criticized his policies but vowed to fight to win the congressional race.

After his speech, Carey spoke with The post office regarding his stance on college-age voters.

“I want to make sure you get the real college experience like I did, so I’d like to encourage them to get involved and vote,” Carey said. “I really think we need to have a leadership in this country that allows you to go back to your classrooms and enjoy the things that everyone loves when they go to college.”

Brad Kennedy, a political science student and Republican president at Ohio University College, echoed Carey’s sentiment about young voters. The average age of Republican Party members is generally quite high, he said, and he wants to show others that there are young voters who are passionate about conservative ideals.

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