Contest coming after Republicans from Lubbock Co. release final shortlist for March 2022 primary

** Lubbock County Republican Party press release **

Here is the full list of depositors for the March 1, 2022 Republican Party primary who filed after our last press release on December 10, 2021. Candidates for each office are listed in the order in which their candidacy was received. The deposit period ends on December 13, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Lubbock County Judge: Gary Boren

County Court at Law # 2: Chris Wanner

County Court to Law # 2: Bob Nebb

Lubbock County Commissioner City 4: Jordan Rackler

Justice of the Peace, City 3: Frank Gutierrez

Justice of the Peace, City 4: TJ McAuley

Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman: Cole Shooter

The full list of applications received by December 10, 2021 is listed below.

Texas State Representative, District 84: Carl Tepper

Texas State Representative, District 84: Kade Wilcox

Texas State Representative, District 84: Cheryl Little

Texas State Representative, District 84: David Glasheen

137th District Court: John “Trey” McClendon

237th District Court: The Hatch

364th District Court: Billy Eichman

Lubbock County Judge – Curtis Parrish

Lubbock County Treasurer – Chris Winn

County Court at Law # 1: Mark Hocker

County Court at Law # 2: Tom Brummett

County Court at Law # 3: Ben Webb

Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney: K. Sunshine Stanek

Lubbock County Clerk: Kelly J. Pinion

Lubbock County District Clerk: Sara Smith

Lubbock County Commissioner City 2: Jason Corley

Lubbock County Commissioner City 4: Chad W. Seay

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace City 1: Jim Hansen

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace City 2: Susan Rowley

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace, Ward 4: Lance Cansino

Speaker presidents:

City 2: Patrick Kelly

City 5: Dora T. Cortez

Ward 15: Kay Harris

City 18: Dwight Finckbone

Ward 21: Gordon T. Lee

City 22: Jane Elizabeth Anderson

City 27: Gulrez (“Gus”) Khan

City 28: Deanne Clark

City 29: Anah Menjares

City 33: Tricia Hays

City 47: Mikel district

City 62: Ken Corbin

City 66: Skeet Workman

City 66: Ricky Wilks

City 75: Jan Powell

City 104: Melissa Chamales

City 120: Lori Little

City 123: Bridges Mary Ann

City 128: Steve Evans

City 129: Rob Snyder

City 140: Betsy Bloechl

City 155: Lynda Hogue

The LCRP has been informed that the Secretary of State has changed the filing deadlines for constituency presidents. The normal filing period for Constituency Presidents ended on December 1, 2021. A second filing period has been set from Saturday January 15, 2022 to Saturday February 12, 2022. We do not plan to maintain fixed office hours during this time. filing period, so interested candidates should contact the Lubbock County Republican Party at 806-797-3197 or by e-mailing [email protected] LCRP’s head office is located at 2642 34th Street in Liberty Plaza.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 806-797-3197.

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