CT Democrats Are Good Leaders For Our State

Connecticut is emerging from the biggest and most disruptive crisis in our lives. But unlike other states, we protect the public with ever-increasing immunization rates, dramatically improving our fiscal health, and seeing people and businesses relocate to our state.

These are facts, despite all Republican claims to the contrary.

There’s a reason Connecticut is doing so well: For many years, Democratic governors, majorities in the General Assembly, our federal delegation, and city leaders across the state made tough decisions for us. get back on track and grow. More recently, Governor Ned Lamont’s remarkable leadership has made Connecticut the envy of other states.

From 1994 to 2010, under Republican governors, Connecticut struggled with skyrocketing debt and no savings. Since then, Democrats have made tough decisions to shore up collapsing incomes and protect the most vulnerable in the throes of a brutal recession.

Republican pessimism predicted the end of Connecticut as we know it – they seem to like this theme – with locals moving away in droves. But the opposite has happened. Today, the state has record surpluses, and families are moving to the state in record numbers. New York City alone: ​​27,000 new residents, paying taxes and contributing to the economy.

When Governor Lamont took office in 2019, he defended the Rainy Day Fund against Republicans overreaching and was successful in limiting borrowing. As a result, Connecticut can count on a record $ 3.1 billion rainy day fund and projected budget surpluses for years to come. Our bonds were revalued for the first time in decades, and we made historic payments of $ 1.7 billion to pension funds ignored by Republican governors.

Even the GOP knows that Governor Lamont has been a good steward of our public finances. The 2021-2022 state budget was supported by 22 Republican members of the State House and nine of the 12 Republican members of the State Senate.

And so the political attacks are disheartening at best. While partisan politics has always been robust in our state, the ugliness inspired by the former president now dominates the political climate.

Throughout the pandemic, the Republican response to every prudent public health measure has been ‘no’. While offering no solution, they called on governors, urged the repeal of vaccine and mask requirements, and called “heroes” those who disrupt local school board meetings. Democrats believe the real heroes are those who kept our state and our schools safe, not those who flout common sense policies during a deadly pandemic.

Just as we approached the COVID crisis with a focus on data and proven interventions that work, Democrats will tackle the recent increase in auto theft and gun violence without resorting to the hyperbole and fear-mongering tactics we use. let’s see the Republicans of Connecticut. Every act of theft and violence is wrong and deserves the full response of the law. We applaud Connecticut law enforcement officials for their response to this national trend.

Scare people is not a solution. We know that a well-balanced community response includes both policing and prevention programs, many of which have been limited or closed due to the pandemic. Instead of swearing to revert to mass incarceration policies that we know fail to stop crime, we can both support the police and support the programs that we know deter crime.

Congressional Democrats and President Biden are also delivering for Connecticut. The child tax credit has put thousands of dollars in the pockets of middle class and working families, and the infrastructure plan will improve so many aspects of life in our state. Connecticut is a great place to live and raise a family. Democrats work every day to make it better and we are successful.

Nancy DiNardo is president of the Connecticut Democratic Party.

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