Democrats “aim” to vote next week on infrastructure and reconciliation bills

HMajority Leader Steny Hoyer has said Democrats will aim to get votes on the bipartisan $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and a vast array of social programs in the House next week.

This is an aggressive timeline for the final move on two bills that form the core of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda and the ‘Build Better’ platform, particularly with one of the bills. law that has yet to be drafted as Democrats continue to fight for its content.

“The House will aim to review the bipartisan infrastructure investment and employment law and the reconstruction law to better this period of work,” Hoyer said.

The announcement comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had breakfast with Biden on Friday morning. Pelosi told reporters she was “very optimistic” that a package that could be passed by both houses of Congress would meet soon.


Democrats have been battling for months over the timing and content of two major spending bills: a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which has already passed the Senate with 19 backing. Republicans, and a social spending budget reconciliation program that Democrats aim to pass without needing the support of all Republicans.

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus have said they will vote against the infrastructure bill if it is presented to the House before a deal and vote are reached on the reconciliation social spending bill . But Democratic centrists Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have expressed concern about the price of the original package, as well as some of its weather and tax provisions.

This complicated and delayed the process as every Democratic vote is needed to pass the reconciliation bill.

Lawmakers and Biden are now aiming for what was originally a $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal to come close to $ 2 trillion, and Democratic leaders say a deal is in sight.

Leaders hope to pass the law by Oct. 31, the deadline by which current road funding runs out. The Infrastructure Bill will re-authorize highway financing programs.


The House was originally scheduled to vote on the infrastructure bill in the last week of September, ahead of the September 30 deadline for highway funding programs, but instead chose to temporarily extend the program through of a separate measure after it became clear that political struggles would mean the infrastructure bill could not pass.

Lawmakers may temporarily extend the highway funding deadline again if they cannot complete their review of the “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill and the infrastructure bill by October 31.

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