Democrats and Kamala Harris are the most IMPOPULAR of Trump, Biden, DeSantis, Disney, SCOTUS and the GOP

The Democratic Party and Kamala Harris are ranked the most IMPOPULAR out of nine political figures and institutions, including Trump, Biden, DeSantis, Disney the Supreme Court and the Republican Party, according to a new poll

  • New poll shows Democratic Party least popular compared to GOP, Trump, DeSantis, Biden, Disney, Supreme Court and Kamala Harris
  • The Party recorded a net preference of minus 19% – 31% positive opinions of Americans and 50% of Democrats negatively
  • The vice president came second to last with minus 17 percentage points
  • Donald Trump arrived with less than 14% favor

The Democratic Party and Vice President Kamala Harris are less popular and less liked than the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump and even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

A new NBC News Poll released on Monday shows that when Americans were asked about their feelings toward entities and individuals, the Democratic Party ranked last among nine different prompts.

The Party recorded a net preference of minus 19% – 31% positive and 50% negative opinions of Americans.

With a net minus 11%, the Republican Party has become more popular overall than the Democrats, Vice President, President Joe Biden and Trump as the GOP braces for an expected bloodbath midway through 2022 for regain a majority in Congress.

Net positive favor in the May 5-10 survey was won by the U.S. Supreme Court with a 1% net positive approval, Republican Governor DeSantis with a 2% net approval and The Walt Disney Company with a net positive approval of 3%.

The Supreme Court’s position is surprising after the recent leak of the draft opinion which shows an imminent reversal of Roe v. Wade and launched the nation into a heated pro-versus-anti-abortion debate.

New poll shows Democratic Party least popular compared to GOP, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, President Joe Biden, Walt Disney World, Supreme Court and Vice President Kamala Harris – VP arrived before -latest

Former President Trump‘s net (left) is favorably minus 14 points compared to Harris’s net (right) minus 17% popularity – ranking just two points below the Democratic Party

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has won a massive 53% net positive favor among Americans polled as his country nears the end of its third month facing an invasion from Russia.

Of those polled in Monday’s poll, 31% say they have a favorable or somewhat favorable view of Harris while 48% say they don’t view her favorably. That means Americans have a net minus 17% opinion of the vice president — ranking just two points below the Democratic Party.

President Biden has 37% of Americans rating him positively and 51% negatively for a net audience of minus 14% of the public, according to the 1,000 American adults surveyed.

Trump sits between the current president and vice president in terms of Americans’ perceptions with 36% positives and 51% negatives, for a net minus of 14% – 5 points ahead of the Democratic Party and three points less than his successor.

When pollsters asked participants about the nine-digit survey, Biden was always questioned first, followed by the rest of the randomized individuals and entities.

Biden has hovered around 40% approval in recent months as he faces setbacks on multiple fronts with record inflation and gas prices, decades of high numbers of illegal immigrants crossing to the southern border and now a shortage of formula milk.

Harris, who was supposed to be the administration’s “border czar,” has even weaker approval than the president.

The vice president traveled to the southern border in June 2021 after immense pressure to do something about the growing crisis there. Just a month after his visit, the Biden administration recorded a then-record number of encounters with migrants at 213,593.

In March 2022, that record was shattered after Customs and Border Protection encountered 221,303 — and the numbers are expected to rise further when April’s numbers are released this week, according to GOP estimates.

Now, a year after the visit to the US-Mexico border, Harris has not returned and largely skirted the issue as her team rebranded its role to tackle the ‘root causes’ of migration in the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

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