Democrats’ CONCEDES Act does not hold communist China accountable for its malicious actions

Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are pushing their nearly 3,000-page CONCEDES Act, which does nothing to counter the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its evil actions. In fact, this legislation will line the pockets of those who released COVID-19 into the world.

The CONCEDES Act mandates an injection of $8 billion of US taxpayers’ money into the United Nations Green Climate Fund, an unaccountable slush fund, from which the CCP has already directly benefited. Worst of all, House Democrats have rejected attempts to bar the CCP from accessing billions of taxpayer dollars in this fund.


  • At 2,900 pages and a price tag of $325 billion, the Democrats’ American Concessions Act is the opposite of the fight against the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Authorize $8 billion to go into an unaccountable UN climate slush fund, which has already granted $100 million to China.
    • That doesn’t guarantee that the $8 billion won’t be used to buy things like solar panels or batteries, whose supply chains in China are marred by genocide.
    • Democrats have rejected attempts to bar the Chinese Communist Party from accessing the billions of dollars they want to pour into the Fund.
  • Gives unions unfair advantages over small businesses and the self-employed by adding Davis-Bacon provisions to previously bipartisan policies.
  • Mention climate change 156 times.
  • Attempts to appease President Xi by omitting the word “genocide” from human rights provisions in Xinjiang, despite the House voting twice to call it genocide.
  • Covers the Biden administration‘s donation of $40 billion in unconditional IMF funds to the CCP last spring, and their support of an additional $130 billion last summer.
  • Authorizes $2 billion per year without sunsetting for a “new” international climate change adaptation, mitigation, and security program, essentially doubling programs and activities already conducted by the state and USAID.
  • Creates “climate change agents” within the Foreign Service, weakening our diplomats’ focus on core US national interests.
  • It does not include any measures to hold communist China accountable for its cover-up of COVID-19 or the ongoing genocide against religious minorities in their country.
  • Grants the Treasury Department unchecked power to block digital currency payments from Americans worldwide
  • Provides no resources to enforce our sanctions laws or increase our military strength, including omitting export control provisions, providing security assistance to allies facing CCP aggression, and failing to limit the CCP’s military modernizations and weapons development.
  • It includes millions to study coral reefs.

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