Democrats don’t want to admit why Biden fails

The RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight Presidential approval trackers both say the same thing: President Joe Biden has never been as unpopular with voters as he is now, and he’s getting more and more unpopular every day.

Asked to explain why Biden is so unpopular about Meet the press today, Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher noted that much of the decline in Biden’s approval came from young Democrats who “took to the streets and marched a year ago” and are not interested in “roads and bridges”.

“They marched for justice and racial equality. So we have to act on it. ”

Is this where Biden’s support slips, however? Democrats who think we haven’t done enough for “racial equality”?

According to ABC News , Biden’s approval rating fell the most on three key issues: “gun violence” (39%), Afghanistan (34%) and “the situation on the US-Mexico border” (31%).

While Biden still receives high marks from Democrats on climate change (78%) and the economy (86%), his approval among Democrats has dropped sharply on all of the issues mentioned above. Only 64% of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of gun violence, only 62% approve of Afghanistan, and barely half (54%) approve of his handling of immigration.

Biden’s numbers on each of these key issues have fallen further among Independents.

Looking ahead, Belcher went on to say that everything about Biden’s spending plan “is very popular with purple America.”

Again, Belcher is simply wrong.

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