Democrats’ green agenda is hurting Californians



State faces blackouts, brownouts and water rationing this year

by Joel Kotkin

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The once great state of California is now in a sorry state. With a heat wave now in effect, Governor Gavin Newsom is preparing to cut back on energy use, which could lead to blackouts, brownouts and water rationing.

How did it happen? Ask any of the legacy media from the state, Democrats, and major green nonprofits and the answer you’ll get is “climate desperation.” But that doesn’t tell us the whole story. Indeed, one of the main reasons for California’s energy deficit is the state’s harmful green policy; Jerry Brown’s plans to rebuild the state’s water capacity, for example, drew a hostile green response from a state commission that refused to consider new dams or desalination, let alone to spend money on new water storage projects already approved by voters. They are even pressuring Washington to tear down four dams in Northern California because they are not environmentally clean.

A similar stupidity extends to energy. Over the past twenty years, the state has turned to “green” energy – solar and wind – as the only acceptable energy source. But despite the billions spent, the state continues to struggle with the intermittent nature of solar and wind power. In order to avoid a complete power shortage, Governor Newsom – facing a potentially devastating power shortage this summer – was forced to stay at Diablo Canyon, the state’s last remaining nuclear plant. He also allowed some gasworks to remain open.

Things could get worse as the state seeks to go all-electric over the next decade, with gas-powered cars phased out by 2035. Still, there’s little wonder how California will be able to meet the growing demand for electricity that electric vehicles need. . This, remember, in a state that already faces regular power shortages (California imports more than 30% of its energy from other places, and it is by far the largest net electricity importing state in the country).

By 2050, state consultants estimate electrification mandates, including those for trucks, will skyrocket total demand to around 500 million megawatts hours, with some estimates demand up 60 to 90%. This will impose high energy costs on ordinary Californians, while Wall Street and the Tech Oligarchs profit of their “clean energy” investments. Incredibly, California is a state with huge energy reserves, but it refuses to access them for environmental reasons. As a result, it is America’s largest importer of energy and oil, largely from Saudi Arabia and before that from Russia.

Most Californians won’t freeze like the Germans or the Brits this winter, but the state’s climate policies will keep costs higher, drive out businesses and impoverish much of the population. It’s a tragedy for a state that pioneered modern agriculture, semiconductors and space travel, but it’s the inevitable result of the greatest man-made catastrophe: the green policies of the democrats.

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