Democrats lose out on ‘Biden 2024’ debate

(My favorite part of Post’s story is that after assurance after assurance that Biden is running, they drop that quote: “A Democrat involved in campaigns said he couldn’t think of a single person who he spoke to last month who sees the possibility of Biden showing up again as real. “)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday doubled down on Biden’s plans to introduce himself by telling reporters Monday, “Yes, that is his intention.”

Did or did the news cycle not come right after a series of stories – led by this one on CNN – detailing growing concerns about how Vice President Kamala Harris is handling the post of vice-president and if she will truly be the favorite, many expected her to be every time Biden steps down.

Add it up and you get a lot of nerves and confusion – all for an election in almost three years.

And, at their root, these stories raise two questions.

There is one obvious fact: will Biden, who will be almost 82 years old by election day 2024, be running again?

And the less obvious: is a Biden 2024 candidacy the best thing for the Democratic Party’s chances of occupying the White House?

The first question is totally unknowable. I guess Biden hasn’t even considered making a decision on this yet.

The second question is more interesting to me because it talks about where Democrats think they are and what they need.

On the one hand, Biden would present himself in 2024 as the incumbent – almost always a good thing – and a known commodity to the public. That, along with Harris’ struggles to adjust to the role of vice president, suggests Biden may well be the party’s best choice.

On the flip side, Biden’s approval rating is stuck in the low 40s. He has struggled to bridge the gap between the liberal and moderate wings of the party. And again, he will be in the early 80s at the end of his first term.

It’s clear from the Post’s story – as well as all the turmoil around Harris – that Democrats are divided over whether Biden is running again and if it’s a good thing for the party.

Point: While the Democrats have a little time to understand everything, having this debate in public is not very nice.

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