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Have you taken the time to read the Democratic Party platform? Whether you did or not, whether you’re a Democrat or not, it would be wise for you to at least take a quick read of these published political commandments. Reading this platform might give you a better understanding of why a broad expansion of federal power happens when Democrats are in power. The same could be said of Republicans. Little by little, the Democrats will certainly make things fair.

My point of view ? There’s so much equity to settle in this United States, you’ll be happy to hear that in addition to matching Russell Wilson’s salary in Denver, I’ll be starting quarterback for the Seahawks this year. You haven’t read about it because such hit news should be kept under wraps until that first game of the season. With Russ and me visiting getting started, I’m sure the Democrats will make sure I win. It is for fairness that I have heard senators from Washington state exclaim.

What? You do not believe ? Facts you say? Russian disinformation? Clinton Foundation? Climate emergency? Reject science? Systemic injustice? America First is empty? Republican recession? Removal of voters? Abuse of power ? Paris Agreement? Forces of authoritarianism? Read the Democrats platform and you will understand why voting for a Democrat is a mistake.


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