Democrats reward violence and perpetuate vicious cycle: Rantz

Radio host Jason Rantz said Democrats “rewarded” the crime and violence of the Black Lives Matter rioters on Thursday on “Fox News Primetime”, prompting bad behavior.

In New York City, “you had Democrats for months last year who decided to go along with the riots, the violence, the burning of buildings and the destruction of neighborhoods. And as a result of this, a lot of people went to jail, did a lot of people get sued? No. However, guess what happened. We have seen police funding in New York. We’ve seen it happen across the country; we actually rewarded that kind of behavior, ”he said.

“And so if you’re the type of person who turns to violence and you see that you’ve been rewarded for it, no punishment. Well guess what, you’re probably going to turn to that all over again when you don’t. maybe not … go your way, “Rantz warned.


Rantz’s comments follow those of New York BLM co-founder Hawk Newsome, who threatened “riots,” “fires” and “bloodshed” if mayor-elect Eric Adams rescues police officers. civilian on the streets to combat the surge in violent crime in the city.

“Yes [Adams’ administration] think[s] this [it’s] go back to the old policing methods, then we’re going to take to the streets again. There will be riots. There will be fire and there will be bloodshed, “Newsome promised after a meeting with the mayor-elect Wednesday at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Rantz warned that besides the BLM, the “antifa lunatics” also pose a threat to law and order.

Podcast host Jeff Charles stressed that threatening violence “is not the way to go about this situation,” then spoke to Newsome.

“When you use the word ‘bloodshed’, who do you think the blood is going to be shed to?” He asked. “Yes, we already know that the answer to this question will be people [who] looks like you and [me], Falcon Newsome. It will be black men. I’m sick of black corpses on the street, whether it’s from the police or from violence in the community. “

“… No more black bodies dead unnecessarily because people want to revolt. This is not what we should be encouraging,” he said.


Rantz added that police would also be targeted, which is a “great concern” as police forces nationwide decline due to left-wing demonization of cops. He explained that since the criminal charges do not “stick”, they do not deter “activists”.

“…[T]Cops can make any arrests they want, “he continued.” Unfortunately, you still need prosecutors and judges to put these people in jail, and they aren’t. “

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