Democrats say Frank LaRose ‘has failed in the most spectacular way’

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Ohio’s top Democrats are calling out Secretary of State Frank LaRose claiming he failed the redistricting and cost Ohio millions.

At a Friday morning press conference scheduled for 11 a.m., Ohio Democratic Party Chairwoman Elizabeth Walters and candidate for Secretary of State Chelsea Clark will voice concerns about Frank LaRose for this who they say are “playing partisan games with the redistricting as he continues to break the law and rubber stamp gerrymandered cards.”

They say that while every Republican on the commission is to blame “for the chaos caused by their failure to pass fair maps,” Ohio’s top election official, “LaRose has failed in the most spectacular fashion.”

The most recent Republican-modified map passed by a 5-2 vote Wednesday afternoon with ten Republican-leaning districts, three Democratic-leaning districts and two draws, according to the data provided.

In February, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected the maps for the second time, saying the plan was “invalid in its entirety”. The first failed attempt dates back to September.

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