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It is depressing to see the Democrats part ways with Israel. It shouldn’t be difficult to choose between a staunch US ally and a terrorist group.

At the start of last week, Hamas fired around 150 rockets at Israel. It is important to understand two things. First, the US government classifies Hamas as a terrorist group. It is not a partisan label. Second, sending rockets into civilian areas is an act of war. A country has the right and the duty to defend its citizens.

This is what Israel did. He launched airstrikes on Gaza, targeting Hamas leadership and the military infrastructure. Hamas continued to launch rockets, firing more than 4,000 at Israel. Israeli airstrikes razed buildings used by the Hamas army and targeted its leaders. Israel announced a ceasefire on Thursday evening.

A government protecting its people from terrorists should not be controversial. Yet some Democrats opposed it.

The United States has for too long turned a blind eye to the injustice and violence committed by the Israeli government, ”Nevada Democratic Party Chairperson Judith Whitmer said in a statement last Friday.

She accused the Jewish state of committing “human rights violations“.

It is a serious accusation. It may even seem plausible at first glance. More than 200 Palestinians have died, including more than 60 children, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, which may or may not be reliable. In contrast, a dozen people in Israel had died Thursday. The IDF leveled a number of buildings used by civilians, including one that housed a PA office.

But to stop his analysis there is to choose willful ignorance. Hamas deliberately hides military equipment and personnel in mosques, schools and office buildings.

Hamas is doing this to put Israel in a double bind. Either Israel allows Hamas to fire rockets from “civilian” structures, or Hamas accuses Israel of attacking civilians.

It shouldn’t fool anyone. If an army is operating in a civilian building, it is a valid military target. To limit civilian casualties, Israel alerts the inhabitants of the buildings before bombing. This reduces the military effectiveness of its strikes. Israel does it anyway.

Here is the difference between Hamas and Israel. Hamas launches rockets at Israel in the hope of killing as many civilians as possible. Israel is alerting Palestinians to upcoming attacks on military targets to limit civilian casualties.

There is no moral equivalence here. Nothing.

But Whitmer isn’t the only Democrat to ignore these details. Senator Bernie Sanders, who was almost the party’s presidential candidate, called for an end to US aid to Israel. “It is illegal for US aid to support human rights violations,” he said. tweeted. Several Democrats in the House, including representatives. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna pressley, also attacked Israel.

Fortunately, many Democrats reject this false narrative. President Joe Biden has asserted Israel’s right to self-defense, though his administration has also made disturbing speeches. In Nevada, Senator Jacky Rosen and Representative Susie Lee condemned Whitmer’s comments.

Good. May they have the courage to continue to stand firm against those in their own party who are eager to attack Israel.

American politics have enough partisan issues. Supporting Israel shouldn’t be one of them.

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