Don’t rule out a GOP wave in the Senate

ANALYSIS — As usual, Democrats are battling among themselves — this time over what to do with the Senate filibuster.

Most would just like to eliminate it, but that won’t happen in a 50-50 Senate that understands the senses. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, two Democrats who are uncomfortable with rule changes. So, Democratic office holders and strategists have talked about trying to “create” an exception to protect voting rights. But even that now seems like a heavyweight.

The irony here is that while some Democrats are concerned that creating a filibuster exception will set a bad precedent, the imbalance in the three Senate classes, which I reported on in May, may give Republicans a chance of securing a filibuster-proof majority during the 2024 election, when the Senate map heavily favors the GOP.

Of course, when I noted this, President Joe Biden’s job approval was in the 50s, while his disapproval was about 10 points lower.

Now those numbers have reversed, and there are more questions about the incumbent president’s ability to implement his promised ‘Build Back Better’ plan, his ability to make progress against the coronavirus, his ability to work with Republicans in a bipartisan manner and his ability to get things “back to normal” — all goals he articulated during the presidential campaign and afterwards.

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