Douglas Murray: ‘No one can point to a thing’ that Kamala Harris worked out ahead of Eastern Europe trip

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Author Douglas Murray claimed Vice President Kamala Harris had not resolved any foreign relations issues until she traveled to Poland and Romania next week Friday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

DOUGLAS MURAY: If people could tell me one thing that Kamala Harris has solved, there might be some reason for Europeans to have hope… You know very well, no one can point to one thing that she has solved. She received the crisis from the southern border. Two million illegal migrants crossed the southern border last year. So this is just one of the crises she failed to resolve. And look at everything else she got in her weird wallet – nothing solved the problem. So who do you send to solve the most intractable problem of the moment and the potential of World War III, but Kamala Harris.

It’s possible [President Biden] expects Kamala to say so many mundane things for so long that the conflict will be over by then. Remember, she went to Munich the other day, and she told the Europeans that they had to remember that they were in Europe, and there was a war, and so that meant there had a war in Europe. War is bad, and Kamala told them that, and she told them where they were, and that war was bad. So if we can expect more of her from her, then yes, it’s possible that Joe Biden just sent her to keep it going until the end.


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