Eric Adams wins New York mayor’s Democratic primary

The final round match between Mr Adams and Ms Garcia illustrated clear divisions within the Democratic Party in terms of race, class and education.

Mr. Adams, who ran as a blue collar candidate, led all boroughs except Manhattan in the first-choice vote tally and was the overwhelming favorite of black and Latino voters in the working class. He also showed strength with white voters who held more moderate views, especially, according to some data, among voters who did not have a college degree – a coalition that has been compared to the one that propelled the president. Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

Ms Garcia, a former sanitation commissioner who introduced herself on a technocratic competence message, was popular with moderate white voters in the five boroughs. But she was overwhelmingly the Manhattan candidate, dominating in some of the nation’s wealthiest zip codes. She appealed to highly educated and better-off voters from across the ideological spectrum there and in parts of Brownstone Brooklyn, although she struggled to connect with voters of color elsewhere in the sort of numbers that ‘it would have taken to win.

The results capped a remarkable milestone in the city’s political history: The race began in a pandemic and has taken several unexpected twists and turns over the past few weeks, as a candidate faced back-to-back sexual misconduct charges. decades; another faced a campaign implosion; and Mr. Adams, under fire from residency issues, offered reporters a tour of the Brooklyn apartment where he says he lives.

More recently, it has been colored by an election council vote count disaster, leaving lingering concerns among Democrats about whether the end result would leave voters divided and suspicious of the city’s electoral process. In a statement Tuesday night, Ms Wiley thanked her supporters and expressed serious concerns about the electoral board.

“We will have more to say on the next steps shortly,” the statement said. “Today we just need to re-commit to a reformed electoral council and build confidence in the way we administer the vote in New York. New York voters deserve better, and the BOE needs to be completely overhauled in the wake of what can only be described as a debacle. “

Ms. Garcia came third among voters who voted in person on primary day and during the early voting period, behind Mr. Adams and Ms. Wiley. But thanks to the ranked vote, she climbed to second place, with strong support from voters who had ranked Ms Wiley and Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate, as their top picks.

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