Everything About Cam Newton Fits The Pats 2020 Better Than Tom Brady

The latest comments from QB Cam Newton prove he’s better suited for the 2020 Patriots than Tom Brady.

It is not at all hyperbole to say that Cam Newton did not set foot badly since joining the Patriots before training camp. Did he miss a few shots and do a few bad reads on current games in the first two games? Absolutely, but no NFL quarterback has been perfect.

The bottom line is that Newton ticked all the boxes after signing a one-year contract for the minimum veteran. Whether it’s his health, refined throwing mechanics or the willingness to listen to the Patriots coaching staff, everything about the former MVP’s attitude has been sensational.

That’s not to say that we didn’t think Newton was able to do it, but it was just a pleasure to watch all of this unfold over the past few months, after so many members of the media categorically stated that he would never fit head coach Bill Belichick or Patriots culture.

Not only did the 31-year-old quarterback make all those big mouths stupid, but his overall professionalism, coupled with his dynamism on the grid, proves he’s a better fit for the 2020 Patriots roster than Tom Brady. Fans will love these quotes from Newton’s latest interview with WEEI radio.

What were we saying about Newton walking correctly with every step? We don’t want to disrespect the six-time champion, but even Brady isn’t able to fit in as well, especially in the last few seasons when there has reportedly been growing tension between him and Bill Belichick.

Later in the interview, Newton was asked about rumors that the Patriots would be looking for a wide receiver before the 2020 trade deadline. To anyone’s surprise, his answer was once again perfect, because he affirmed that he is fully satisfied with the team’s current talent mix.

The former No.1 overall performance against Seattle on Sunday night – in which he finished 30 of 44 for a career-high 397 yards and a touchdown – proves he’s not just giving the media what ‘they want to hear. .

No one is saying Brady cryptically hinted that a successful trade was needed for the offense to take the offense to the next level, but the 14-time Pro Bowler would not have been the most optimistic player in the locker room of New England over the past two seasons. Imagine him exaggerating his wide receiver talent like this at some point in the last few years? N’Keal Harry was essentially invisible when he joined the Pats rotation in the middle of the 2019 campaign.

Now he’s one of Newton’s most encouraged guys.

Again, this position is more of a compliment to Newton than an affront to Brady, but that says a lot that it only took two games of the Auburn product to prove he’s better suited for a team. of the 2020 Patriots based on fringe weapons, innovative offense and good old vibes as the franchise legend.

This young team needs a leader who is both humble and grateful, non-demanding and ruthless, and after his unceremonious release from Caroline, Newton obviously ticks these very important boxes.

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