Governor DeSantis Rebuts Joe Biden Calling Rising Gas Prices ‘Amazing Transition’

Tuesday in Gadsden County, the governor. Ron DeSantis President refuted that of Joe Biden framing an increase in gas prices as a “amazing transition.”

“I think these gas prices are a big deal,” the governor said. “So hopefully they will re-evaluate that and not consider it an unbelievable thing.”

Noting the inflationary impacts, DeSantis told a crowd in Havana that he had to “disagree with the president saying this is kind of an incredible opportunity to have this transition.”

DeSantis said the raise was “actually punishing people at the pumps.”

“What are you going to do? Not go to work all of a sudden?” the Governor argued, predicting further increases in gas prices related to Memorial Day and summer driving habits.

DeSantis also warned that the impending gas tax exemption, effective in October ahead of the general election, will do little to help consumers.

“It will help, but it’s like 25 cents a gallon,” the governor warned, saying fuel increases are rippling through business input costs, creating other inflationary impacts in sectors ranging from groceries fertilizer sales.

“Even if you’re making 5, 10% more year over year, if fuel is up 50%, groceries are up 20%, and utilities are up, then you’ve potentially lost ground,” DeSantis explained.

Biden, in remarks made in Japan, appeared to tout the positive impacts of high gas prices.

“[When] when it comes to gasoline prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that’s happening. … God willing, when this is over we will be stronger and the world will be stronger and less dependent on fossil fuels when this is over,” Biden said on Monday.

Gas prices in Florida aren’t as bad as some other densely populated states, but AAA – The Auto Club Group attested this week that prices are near record highs and is poised to increase further with holiday travel.

“Even though prices at the pumps have fallen slightly, Memorial Day gasoline prices are still expected to be the most expensive of the holidays yet,” the AAA spokesperson said. Marc Jenkins said in a press release.

“A combination of tighter global supply and stronger demand are the main culprits for this unprecedented pain at the pump. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a quick end in sight. Gas prices are expected to continue to rise fluctuate throughout the summer and remain well above levels of a year ago.

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