Guilford County Democrats to elect replacement for late Commissioner Carolyn Coleman

A group of Guilford County Democrats will meet on Thursday to choose a successor to the late Carolyn Coleman on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners.

Coleman, a longtime civic activist who represented District 7 since 2002 and was the council’s first African-American chairman, died Jan. 26.

Carolyn Coleman, Guilford County Commissioner

Democrats in his district, made up largely of those in Pleasant Garden and East Greensboro, can choose who fulfills his term. The seat is up for a full 4-year term on November 8.

“In the last 10-11 months of the term – the Democratic Party has a vote on February 17 among members of the Executive Committee who live within the grounds of District 7,” Guilford County Chief Electoral Officer Charlie wrote. Collicutt, in an email. “It’s a party affair, not an election that we manage.

“Once they have determined that recommended person, they submit to the county commissioners. If received within 30 days of the vacancy, the commissioners shall take that name.

At least one candidate, Greensboro attorney Frankie T. Jones Jr., has announced he will seek the seat in Thursday’s vote.

Jones sent an email announcing her candidacy on February 7. He sits on numerous public boards and has been chairman of the Guilford County Planning & Zoning Commission since 2017.

Collicutt said his office would “run the primary and general as usual to elect someone for the regular 4-year term, as we normally would.”

Coleman, who was 79, had sought re-election during the roughly 24 hours the process was open in December before the state Supreme Court stopped him in its review of redistricting maps. Filing is expected to resume on February 24, and the primary election is scheduled for May 17. But these dates are subject to further delay.

Coleman, known as a “brand” for her civic protests and 30 years of service on the NAACP National Council, was elected to the Board of Commissioners in December 2002. She was named Board Chair in 2005.

The cause of his death has not been revealed.

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