House Republicans demand answers from progressive groups on possible links with the Chinese Communist Party

EXCLUSIVE: Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., And Morgan Griffith, R-Va., Have teamed up to send a letter to four prominent far-left climate groups inquiring into possible links with the Chinese Communist Party ( PCC).

The four groups that will receive a copy of the letter are the Sunrise Movement, the Union of Concerned Scientists, MoveOn and Earthworks.

In the letter, Rodgers, who is the Republican leader of the Energy and Trade Committee, and Griffith, who is the Republican leader for monitoring and investigations, said they feared “foreign interests” might influence the group’s “congressional advocacy” after Earthworks and other progressive groups called on the Biden-Harris administration and Congress to abandon an “antagonistic posture” towards China in favor of a more cooperative relationship for fight against climate change in a letter of July 7, 2021.


According to the letter sent by Rodgers and Griffith, Earthworks “appears to be asking the US government not only to ignore China’s crackdown on Hong Kong and its atrocious human rights violations, including its continued genocide of Uyghur Muslims, but also to ignore the obvious threat China poses a threat to the economic and national security of the United States. “

“Specifically, you wrote that” anti-China rhetoric “does nothing to” support the welfare of ordinary people “in China and you blame the United States for climate emissions, while ignoring China’s human rights abuses and its dominant contribution to global greenhouse gases, ”the representatives wrote, adding that the groups’ letter Progressives “reads more like CCP propaganda designed to blame and weaken the United States.” States for the benefit of China’s national and economic security agenda. “

Rodgers and Griffith wrote that the group’s letter over the summer also worked to “reflect the CCP’s strategy to cut short criticism of the Chinese government and promote the CCP’s preferred political interests.”


“We are concerned that foreign interests may influence your advocacy activities towards Congress. In light of our jurisdiction over foreign trade and environmental policy, we seek to understand the relationship between your work and Chinese efforts to influence development. of US policy, ”Rodgers said and Griffith added in the letter, posting a list of questions with requested answers by Oct. 15.

Questions include whether the groups have any ties to the CCP, whether the CCP or any individual organization related to the CCP has asked the groups to write, sign or promote their letter to the administration, and whether these groups have ever criticized. the CCP for any action taken. , including regarding the genocide of Uyghur Muslims by the CCP.

The letter asks for answers to each question, detailing their decisions.

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