How Kamala Harris went from optimistic to politically marginalized

When she took office as the first woman to serve as U.S. vice president, many saw her as the future of the Democrats. Kamala Harris is the most unpopular in this position after 18 months.

it’s only been a few weeks Kamala Harris“/>Kamala Harris Invited to the “round table” of his official residence. The Vice President meets with people with disabilities to discuss the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. a topic that not only inspires many Americans, but also MPs Joe Bidens close to her heart – and even recently helped her shed her tarnished image. Until the day when cameras recorded the meeting in the “Eisenhower Executive Office” next to the White House. Harris sat on his head, wearing a black mask, and introduced himself to the group: “I’m Kamala Harris. My pronouns are “they” and “yours”. And I’m the woman sitting at the table in the blue suit” A simple moment that went from the proverbial mosquito to an elephant on the internet. As is often the case, his detractors omitted the context, forgetting to mention that the Democratic politician was addressing a visually impaired audience.

Critics came from both right and left. By indicating the correct pronouns, he used the language of the political far right America — a provocation for many Americans. At the same time, the details of her clothes made all feminists gasp. magazine Atlantic The performance was compared to the embarrassment that Mitt Romney called a “hot dog” when asked about his favorite meat. In the United States, this voter flattery is also known as pandering. And that’s exactly one of the problems lingering over Harris, who started out in office to much acclaim early in the polls: He’s seen as an opportunist.

Is Joe Biden seeking a second term?

Harris is behind President Joe Biden, who is also battling for sympathy, with the approval of less than a third of voters. Your defenders beat in the right wing media like fox And Breitbart Responsible, which is characterized by sexism and racism. But even in her party, Howard’s elite college graduate, once celebrated as the “Lady Obama,” is about to have a tough time for Democrats. A poll in New Hampshire, the first state with a Democratic primary, sees him trailing a wide range of single-digit candidates.

Harris himself tries to distract from the discussion. The president has announced that he will seek a second term. She concentrates on her tasks. But it’s not so easy in the office where he’s literally only a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. When Biden was out for several days in mid-August due to a Covid infection, many Americans asked: Could Kamala Harris become president?

Harris’ big plans are on hold

While the trained lawyer has made a name for herself with probing questions during hearings on Capitol Hill, Wash., as a senator, she seems outdated as a vice president. According to analysts like Jeffrey Frank, in two areas Joe Biden gave him — the refugee crisis and electoral reform — he made a particularly unfortunate number. in an interview NBC The vice president avoids answering questions about her intention to review the situation along Mexico’s southern border. The left angered the refugees with their call for “Don’t come, we will deport you”. The results of the electoral reform, which his party presented as the first bill to the new Congress, are not much better. He didn’t even have the slightest improvement.

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Jeffrey Frank, author of several books on US vice presidents, also blames Biden for this development. Harris was especially useful on the campaign trail – as the first woman of African American and Asian descent. After the election, the president never really involved him in government, complain others who have defended him against accusations of inefficiency. While Biden himself once enjoyed his weekly private lunch as Obama’s deputy, he didn’t continue the tradition with Harris. “His absence from operations, as a crisis manager and shaper” Policymakes him a very weak successor,” Frank wrote in New York Times,

Who still lives with Kamala Harris?

Persistent allegations about Harris’ treatment of employees, whom those affected described as “tough”, proved to be of little help in polishing the scratched image. As in the past at the California Department of Justice, in its Senate office and on the campaign team, there was an outcry among its employees. She has already lost her spokesperson, chief of staff and chief strategist.

In her bid to buck the trend, Harris may appeal to black women, perhaps Democrats’ most loyal clientele. Cornell pollster Belcher identifies this group of female voters with an approval rating consistently above 70%.

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