Image of Gunner Olszewski playing against the Rams is absolutely hilarious

Gunner Olszewski drove to the Patriots-Rams in a white t-shirt.

Gunner Olszewski He might be the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, but he certainly doesn’t dress like that. And we’re betting with the house that he’s not interested in any of Cam Newton’s fashion tips. The Leaky Wide Receiver is a minimalist, it seems, in this department.

the the future fan favorite of the New England Patriots is only one volley away from officially claiming the title, but it gave fans another reason to love him with his pre-game outfit until pre-game Thursday Night Football. against the Los Angeles Rams.

We saw how Bill Belichick once influenced Newton. Here it is clearly seen how he influenced Olszewski.

Here. A white undershirt with sweatpants and a sweatshirt tied around the waist. Looking like a college football player in the south whose team’s recall club isn’t exactly flush with the money.

But Olszewski has earned the right to dress however he sees fit after his performances the past two weeks in special teams (and in attack!), And he’s no stranger to looking a little ‘eccentric’ – if that’s what you want to call it. Remember this photo from his off-season training with Newton and Co.?

Trucker Hat? Check. Def Leppard shirt? You bet. Don’t forget last season when he was interviewed with a Bass Pro Shops cap!

Olszewski has attracted attention and he is sticking to it. Whether it’s through his electrifying special-team play, outspoken / comedic post-match commentary, or pre / post-match outfits, the man is here to stay.

We can expect the same Thursday night because the Patriots, who have one of the best special teams in the NFL, will look to exploit the Rams’ 27th-ranked unit. This will not be the last you will hear from Olszewski this evening.

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