Indiana Senate Democrats Want To Debate Minimum Wage Increase

INDIANAPOLIS – Democrats in the Indiana Senate want to have a debate on the ground over increasing Indiana’s minimum wage.

Right now, the state is in line with the federal minimum wage set at $ 7.25 an hour. State Senator Eddie Melton proposed a bill to gradually increase to $ 15 an hour. Senate Democrats say about 30% of Hoosiers earn less than that.

“We know this is a move that many Hoosiers want, which over 800,000 Hoosiers need, in terms of raising it to a living wage and we won’t stop,” Melton said. “This is something we need the public to step in and hold hands with their local lawmakers.”

The Indiana House said that while raising the minimum wage might require discussion, companies would take a hit by raising it to $ 15 an hour.

“What we think happens when you raise the minimum wage to such levels, employers are actually making changes to let people go, cut jobs and increase automation, but we think it’s more important to ‘really elevate individuals to professional skill levels that we don’t consider. , we really don’t see minimum wage as living wage, ”said Michael Ripley, vice president of health care and labor employment policy for Indy Chamber.

Proposals to increase state minimum wages were not presented to the committee this session. With the session on hiatus now, lawmakers say she could still run.

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