Jim Hartman: Biden declares war on ‘maga Republicans’

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On September 1, President Biden used Independence Hall as a backdrop with uniformed Marines positioned behind him to deliver a high-profile speech promoting the “continuing battle for the soul of the nation.”
Biden delivered a divisive political speech without pretense of being a unifier.
The speech had one goal – to elevate Donald Trump to the center of the 2022 election. Democrats want to pretend Trump is on the ballot to campaign against the great Democratic foil.
While Democrats claim to fear and hate Trump, they truly cannot succeed without him. They need him and want him. He is their ticket to stay in power.
Republican fans of the former president need to grasp the depths of his unpopularity.
Some Republicans live in fantasy land, still believing he won in a landslide. Many who should know continue to indulge in these delusions to the detriment of their party and the country.
In fact, Trump lost the national popular vote to Biden by more than 7 million votes. He’s less popular now than he was in 2020, with just 27% of Americans wanting him to run again in 2024.
That’s why Biden so directly taunted Trump and his supporters with the “Republican MAGA” tag. His growing rhetoric aims to smear the GOP as Trump-controlled and “semi-fascist.”
Biden is slandering half the country – more than 74 million Americans who voted for Trump.
All of this is deeply cynical and divisive.
While warning that ultra-MAGA Republicans threaten American democracy, Democrats have spent more than $40 million interfering in primaries, including in Nevada, to help the most extreme skeptics of the 2020 Republican election to win.
Yet the people who really saved American democracy after the 2020 election and January 6 were Republicans:
• Governors (Doug Ducey of Arizona and Brian Kemp of Georgia) and Secretaries of State (Brad Raffensperger of Georgia and Barbara Cegavske of Nevada) have resisted demands to change electoral college voter lists.
• Attorney General Bill Barr who refuted claims by the legal team of Sidney Powell’s Trump Clown Show.
• Trump-appointed judges who followed the evidence and the law to assess allegations of voter fraud.
• And especially Vice President Mike Pence, who followed the Constitution in rejecting private and public pressure from Trump to stop counting the electoral votes that certified Biden as the winner.
Biden’s strategy is to deflect the debate away from his own record of failure.
Inflation is at its highest in 40 years and America has lost control of the southern border.
Drug overdoses have reached an all-time high. Violent crime has increased thanks to soft-on-crime policies and a lack of support for the police.
Biden’s commitment to teachers’ unions and pandemic school closures have led to a dramatic drop in test scores and an epidemic of chronic absenteeism.
Abroad, Biden’s clumsy foreign policy has led to a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, gifting the Taliban with billions in weapons and emboldening Vladimir Putin to launch his invasion of Ukraine.
Biden hides inflation, falsely claiming “zero percent increase”.
In a spectacularly untimely event, the White House celebrated the passage of the absurdly misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.” It was the same day the government reported an 8.3% annual increase in the consumer price index in August. The Dow Jones fell 1,276.37 points.
Larry Summers, a Democrat and former Treasury Secretary, summed up the grim news: “Today’s CPI report confirms that the United States has a serious inflation problem.
And Vice President Kamala Harris is blatantly lying about immigration.
“The border is secure and under control,” Harris told NBC’s Meet the Press. It’s not just wrong. This is painfully, obviously wrong.
Through August, Border Patrol apprehensions set a record 2,150,378 unchecked illegals on the southern border – with one month remaining in fiscal year 2022.
If the Democrats add Senate seats and hold the House, there will be no check on a far-left political agenda to come.
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