Joe Biden and Kamala Harris King and Queen of Denial

For 2000 years people have studied the life of Antony and Cleopatra who were the rulers of the Nile. They were the subjects of a William Shakespeare tragedy. It is said that there is a connection between the plot and the works of Shakespeare in each story.

We are experiencing another version of the King and Queen of denial as things unfold in Washington DC Joe and Kamala and their staff and behind the scenes the puppeteers are in a state of complete denial and it hurts every American and resident. of this nation.

Almost every time we see the President he seems confused and confused. His team asks the most powerful man on the planet to avoid answering journalists’ questions “on the fly”. He declares that he will be in trouble if he does. By who? He should consult notes on the answers to questions regarding a briefing that took place an hour before the question was asked. He should ask reporters in order during his few press conferences and has the journalist’s photo in his notebook, as well as an answer to the question “approved by White House staff.” Look at his eyes and facial expressions. He is clearly lost and confused. Compare his answers to those he gave just a few years ago. Unfortunately, he is lost.

Kamala avoids answering questions the same way an immature teenager answers. With giggles and laughter. Follow the laughs with a question that distracts the questioner from another problem. You know your child is going to lie when the first answer to your question is, “Why are you asking the question?” “

They go on to the White House for the King and Queen of Denial to try to get a ride on the facts. I grant you every politician does this, but these people are pushing this practice to higher levels than before.

“There is no border crisis! This is what they tell us. Thousands of illegal intruders seeking to improve their lives invade the undocumented border. They bring disease to this country. They bring needs to this country. Some people bring drugs to this country. Kamala eventually had to make it to the border because the Donald was leaving, so she ended up in El Paso. It was in Texas, but as far from the threatened border as possible. “No crisis here!

Gas prices are skyrocketing. The White House tells us this always happens in the summer. Last summer, the higher prices were then 75 cents cheaper per gallon. The rejection team says it has nothing to do with the new policies signed by Executive Action by Joe. Yes.

Crime is on the rise. The Denial Team tells us this has nothing to do with Democrats calling for police funding. It has nothing to do with the Democrats’ political actions regarding the removal of the bond. It has nothing to do with Democrat-ruled cities and states telling offenders there will be no arrest unless someone steals more than $ 950 in merchandise.

There are almost 10 million jobs available for people to earn an income. Why would a person work when Joe sends them more money than they could earn at work? The King and Queen of Denial tell us that extra unemployment benefit does not stop people from working.

They deny ethics when they hide the buyers of Hunter’s art projects who buy influence with Joe. The Potomac needs a new name: The Denial.

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