Joe Biden, PINO resident: President In Name Only

A new poll from the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group found that nearly 57% of American voters believe President Biden is a PINO – President In Name Only – and that others, other forces, believe that President Biden is a PINO. other sources, are in fact in charge.

It would be shocking, except for one thing: we all knew it.

One only had to look at Biden’s prompted, orchestrated but nevertheless stumbling and jagged remarks made from his basement during the campaign season to see that he wasn’t fully “there” – mentally speaking, of course. And those who missed this action can still see the same thing today, in just about any public square from where the president, president PINO, that is, where is he talking about. Just read the headlines: “Headed a Newsweek headline in March.

Even Democrats and Independents, it seems, don’t think Biden is fully capable of leading and instead has more stable puppet masters behind the scenes who pull his strings, lead his steps, pray that he s ‘stop before saying too much.

According to the survey: nearly 32% “of Democratic voters do not believe President Biden is fully carrying out the duties of his office” and just over 58% “of independent voters do not believe President Biden is fully carrying out the duties of his office. the duties of his office. “

Instead, most voters from all political persuasions believe that “others are driving the administration’s politics and agenda,” the poll found.

Which leads to the question: Who?

Of course, the far left of the Democratic Party has taken hold of the political points and the agenda; Barack Obama’s team were recycled to reappear in key Biden roles in the White House; and social justice and skin color seemed to have been discussed as decisive factors for administrative positions as much, if not more, than experience, skills and talent.

But it is the hidden – the nameless, the unrecognized – that worries the most.

How much does China influence Biden’s policy?

It is one thing for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders to orchestrate and influence presidential agendas. It is quite another thing for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Unlike two years ago, when Biden scoffed at the idea of ​​China as a threat to American leadership on the world stage – and the Chinese were actually “not bad people, people “, he” is now worried that [the Chinese] are competition for America and not just that – they could win, ”The Atlantic wrote. “This belief underlies the Biden Doctrine.”

Welcome to reality, Joe.

Shoulda listened to Donald Trump, who knew this reality at the start of his administration.

But now Biden faces a tough climb to convince many in his own administration that China is a threat.

“Like Biden in 2019,” the Atlantic wrote, “they think China’s strengths are overrated and the United States can afford to be patient and restrained. They think if Washington is to defend [American] interests, it must also move quickly to a point of peaceful coexistence with China – essentially a restoration of the Obama administration’s approach.

Appease China at all costs? It’s the naysayers thing.

It is not a given that China will “win” and become the dominant force in the world, as Biden now thinks. But surrounding yourself with players who not only believe it but want to appease it is a disaster for America and a surefire destruction of the American way of life of freedom and life.

If Biden is truly a PINO, as most Americans seem to think, at least according to this poll, then China is already celebrating. And Americans have more to worry about than to laugh at.

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