Joe Biden’s Latest Photo Sparks Intense Speculation About His Legs

An innocuous photo of President Joe Biden hanging out in the Oval Office has sent Twitter into a frenzy due to a strange optical illusion.

In the photo, the president can be seen leaning in his chair at the Resolute Desk, his arms resting on top. “Ready to do more for America’s families,” read the accompanying caption, likely meant to indicate Biden’s desire to get down to business following the results of this month’s midterm elections.

Due to the placement of his suit jacket draped over the back of the chair, some Twitter users were tossed, thinking it was actually his legs. Unbeknownst to Biden, the garment was left in a way that makes it look like the president is sitting on the chair’s sprawling eagle.

Above, President Joe Biden delivers remarks in the Rose Garden of the White House after testing negative following his case of COVID-19 in July 2022. A photo of the president leaning back in his chair in the Oval Office has created a bizarre optical illusion that rocks Twitter.
Cameron Smith/Flickr

Many people on Twitter were quick to point out the hilarious optical illusion. Twitter user @Username_is_tbd tweeted: “At first I thought he was sitting on the back of the chair” with @Oliverisfab65 asking: “Who else thought he was sitting on the chair of a strange way when they first saw him?”

Another Twitter user, @snarklefuss wrote that they too “thought he was sitting in that chair for a second” while smshngdonkeys22 added, “That jacket looks like pants.”

Elsewhere, @frey wrote that he looked like Biden “astride the chair” with @Fundo_HD in disbelief, Tweeter“Okay then…I’m tired…and my eyes are blurry…but it looked like he was perched on the back of the chair…and the jacket was his legs… “

User @BenVerhaegen thought it looked like the president was “sitting very casually on the desk” while @aadoyle549 tweeted“I was so confused.”

This isn’t the first time Biden members have made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In March 2021, the president fell aboard Air Force One. The White House later attributed his tripping to high winds.

Most recently, in June, Biden suffered another fall while riding a bike near his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

In both cases, despite the embarrassment suffered, the president was otherwise unscathed.

Nor is the online discussion of limb-based optical illusions unique to the Democratic Party.

Earlier this month, Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Trump, caused confusion on social media after stepping out in a noticeably long-sleeved dress for the sister-in-law’s Mar-a-Lago wedding Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos.

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