Joe Biden’s story of leaving dead dog on woman’s doorstep shocks Twitter

POTUS Joe Biden shared a story from when he was in his twenties about a dead dog and a woman, and people on social media can’t believe it.

During his address to the County Association Legislative Conference on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, Joe recalled one of his actions when he was younger, and it got a lot of attention.

If you haven’t heard the president’s latest speech yet, let us tell you why his statements are being discussed extensively on social media.

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Joe Biden once left a dead dog on a woman’s doorstep

Joe was in his twenties and sat on New Castle County Council, according to the Daily Mail.

Recalling the encounter years ago, he said: “I got a call one evening, a woman said to me – obviously not of the same conviction as I was politically – call me and say, “there’s a dead dog on my lawn”

Joe asked her if she had called County and the woman told him she had, but “they’re not there”.

Joe assured the woman that he would send them first thing in the morning, but she wanted them there right away. She said, according to the POTUS: “I want it removed now, I’m paying your salary.”

Explaining what he did next, Joe added: “So I went. I picked it up. She said I wanted him out of my garden. I put it on his doorstep.

Twitter reacts in shock to POTUS story

Joe’s story was not what everyone expected today and many took to social media to express their shock.

One tweeted: “BIDEN SAID WHAT? President Biden just told a bizarre story about throwing a dead dog on a woman’s doorstep.

Another one wrote“Am I the only one bothered by this??”

“Was any of it scripted, or was he speaking off the cuff? Either way, it’s strange,” noted another one.

Another user shocked by the president’s story wrote, “This is truly awful.”

The president lost his pet dog Champ last year

Joe lost one of his two pet dogs, Champ, in 2021. He was 13 when he died.

The president shared a long note after Champ’s death on Twitter, remembering his dog as the best companion.

Joe adopted a second dog, Major, in 2018 when he was three years old.

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