Joe Rogan drops plot that Joe Biden faked getting Covid booster

Joe Rogan called his hot plug machine at 11 and suggested that President Joe Biden faked getting his Covid-19 booster during a live televised event.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan asked his guest, former CIA agent Mike Baker, if he thought Biden actually received “a real callback”, adding, “I don’t think they would take the risk.” Baker – who spent nearly 20 years at an agency with a heck of a record of spreading lies and disinformation – was happy to oblige Rogan’s theorizing, wondering if an obvious PR-101 stunt was in fact some kind of ‘”Performance art”, and suggesting: “The next step in performance art would be, for example, not to give it encore, but just to give it a chance.”

Rogan continued to pontificate, “I think if they were to give her a booster shot, the last thing they would do would be give it to her live on TV. What if he dies? What if he passes out? What if he, like, catches it and passes out? Like, because people had really bad reactions, like, at the time for some reason.

As the CDC noted, fainting after any type of inoculation is possible, but it probably has nothing to do with the contents of a given vaccination, but is “usually triggered by pain or anxiety.” “. As for the other side effects of Covid-19 vaccines, they remain extremely rare.

Rogan’s conspiracy theory comes days after he shared a fan-made video on his Instagram page that denounces the potential dangers of vaccination warrants and rampant authoritarianism. The video included particularly sharp footage of Nazis and Jewish ghettos during World War II (the clip uses audio from an episode of Rogan’s podcast, in which the host speaks about vaccination warrants, but does not itself makes no explicit connection to vaccination and Holocaust mandates).

Rogan has previously been criticized for comments questioning the vaccine, but while he said he was “not an anti-vaxx person,” he has repeatedly voiced his opposition to vaccine warrants and vaccine proof requirements. Rogan has also not publicly stated whether or not he was vaccinated, although at the time of publication he is scheduled to perform in New York City on October 2, where proof of vaccination requirements are in place. in place (he said he would refund tickets for those who I don’t want to attend because of the rules). Earlier this month, Rogan tested positive for Covid-19 and said he had used a range of drugs to try to fight it, including ivermectin.

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