Kamala Harris announces US to send $ 310 million in humanitarian aid to Central America

$ 255 million will go to humanitarian aid and $ 55 million will go to the fight against food insecurity in the region.

“In light of the dire situation and the acute suffering facing millions of people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Vice President Harris has announced additional support of $ 310 million to the US government,” said one fact sheet published by the White House.

Harris was asked by President Joe Biden last month to lead Central American efforts amid growing numbers of migrants, many from the region, to the southern border of the United States who have exhausted government resources.
The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked dramatic havoc in Latin America, as Covid-19 cases and deaths have skyrocketed and economies once supposed to grow have been decimated. The region was also hit by two devastating hurricanes. The decline in economic growth in 2020, according to the Congressional Research Service, is expected to worsen income inequalities and poverty in the region.

Monday’s announcement comes hours after Harris practically met with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei.

According to a statement by Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders, the two leaders “pledged to strengthen bilateral efforts to manage migration in an orderly and humane manner in accordance with national and international laws, agreed on the need to establish orderly and legal channels for migrants and agreed on the importance of creating economic opportunities in the region that will benefit both countries. “

Already, Republicans have used Harris’ mission to portray her as the face of the problem, wondering why she hasn’t visited the border. Some of the backlash has prompted the White House to make it clear repeatedly that its role is limited to diplomatic efforts to curb the flow of migrants – not the whole issue.

Harris plans to visit Central America in June, officials said. “I can’t get there soon enough,” she recently told CNN’s Dana Bash in an exclusive interview.

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