kamala harris: “Community banks are in the community”: US Vice President Kamala Harris once again trolled the word salad. Details here

US Vice President Kamala Harris is the most delinquent target of mockers because she uses another word salad. Her video went viral on the internet on Tuesday, showing her repetitive word salad. According to her, billions are invested in community banks because community banks are present in the community.

What word was she stuck on?

US Vice President Kamala Harris has explained how Joe Biden’s leadership has invested billions of dollars in community banks. Talking about investment and its needs, she got stuck on the word “community”.

What did US Vice President Kamala Harris say?

A video of his speech is going viral on the internet due to his latest word salad. Kamala said the Biden government has invested an additional $12 billion in community banks, and they know and understand the needs and wants of the community as well as the talents and abilities of the community.

Reactions from Twitter users

Many Twitter users were quick to react to this clip, mocking Kamala Harris‘ word salad in her speech.

  • Clay Travis, the founder of OutKick, called her the most important speaker in community banking since Winston Churchill and told others to take advantage of her.
  • Dan Dakich, another OutKick commentator, had mutual feelings as he told Kamala Harris to prepare a bit in advance.
  • Federalist associate editor Kylee Griswold joked that it was deep.
  • Matthew Betley, columnist and screenwriter, said Kamala had to ask a copy editor not to repeat the particular word about four to five times in a single sentence.
  • RNC’s Jake Schneider mocked her asking if they knew community banks existed in the community.
  • Nick Givas, a podcaster, wondered if Kamala would win an award once again saying community.

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Has US Vice President Kamala Harris ever made a word salad?

While visiting Highland Park, Illinois, she spoke about the mass shooting at an Independence Day parade. They had to take it as seriously as you have to take this thing seriously.

Earlier in Louisiana, she said they visited the library while talking about the importance of the passage of time. Picking up on the subject, she spoke of the great importance of the passage of time. She repeated the phrase “great significance to the passage of time” while discussing the children’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is the word salad?

It’s a hodgepodge of incoherent speech, which may be unintelligible due to a mental disorder. Kamala’s habit of rambling and speaking circular sentences is also called word salad by people.

2. Where did this happen?

Kamala was present at Claflin University in South Carolina for a panel discussion with student leaders and Miguel Cardona, the secretary of education.

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