Kamala Harris congratulates NASA on successful Landsat-9 launch

This week, US space agency NASA performed another successful launch as the Landsat-9 satellite is now in orbit. Vice President Kamala Harris took to social media to congratulate the agency on the feat.

Harris took to Twitter to congratulate NASA on the successful launch the Landsat-9 satellite in orbit Monday. The satellite marks the ongoing partnership between NASA and the US Geological Survey that spans 50 years. Landsat-9 took off into space aboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

“? Today’s launch will continue five decades of continuous Earth observation by Landsat to monitor, understand and manage the earth’s resources needed to sustain human life and measure the effects of climate change, ”Harris tweeted.

In a press release, NASA said the Landsat-9 satellite had reached its final orbital altitude of 705 kilometers and was functioning as intended. Home Secretary Deb Haaland also welcomed the launch, saying the satellite will play an important role in tackling climate change by providing data and images that will help make important decisions about the environment.

“For nearly 50 years, Landsat satellites have observed our home planet, providing an unprecedented record of how its surface has changed over time, from days to decades,” said Karen St. Germain, Director from NASA’s Earth Sciences Division. Landsat-9 will join Landsat-8 to collect images of the planet every eight days.

During this time, sources told CNN that Harris’s office expressed frustration on the COVID-19 incident that occurred when Harris was scheduled to appear on “The View.” The frustration is said to stem from the false positive tests that came to light shortly before Harris’ appearance. One of the sources said Harris’s office required the show’s hosts to take a PCR test within 24 hours of the interview.

The source went on to say that a representative for the show had told Harris’s office the night before that the tests were all negative. However, Harris and his team were unaware of what really happened when the show abruptly pulled hosts Sunny Austin and Ana Navarro off the set.

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