Kamala Harris embraces anti-Semitism

Kamala Harris’ submission to anti-Semitism during a photoshoot at George Mason University on Wednesday confirms that when it comes to Democrats, the fish are now rotting in the head.

What should a Vice President of the United States say when a foreign student ambushes him with standard lies – in this case, lies that match those of his State Department? definition how the most fantastic forms of anti-Zionism are in fact anti-Semitism?

You don’t have to be a genius like Joe Biden to know the answer. Correct the lies. Tell the truth. Repel the corrosion of fake news and identity politics that separate American society.

The student, who described herself as half Yemeni, half Iranian, opposes last week’s subsidy to U.S. arms manufacturers, which is what Iron’s somewhat controversial fundraising bill is. Dome from last week. The funding, she said, “pains my heart because it is ethnic genocide and displacement of people, the same that has happened in America, and I’m sure you are aware of it” . Congress, she said, “was sending taxpayer money overseas” while Americans “fought for health care.”

Harris didn’t just nod his head. She rented the student for her lies. – I’m glad you said that, she said. “Your voice, your point of view, your experience, your truth must not be suppressed and must be heard. “

There was nothing true about what the student was saying. His point of view is poisoned by malicious fictions. The idea that Israel is diverting “taxpayers’ money” from domestic needs is turned upside down. By law, about 80% of all aid to Israel must be spent in the United States. In other words, the aid is an indirect subsidy to American workers.

The Iron Dome funding is a case in point: its interceptor rockets are made in the United States by American taxpayers. This interventionist and protectionist combination of domestic subsidies and Build-Back-Better export policy is enough to warm the heart of the most ardent central planner. It’s American socialism, and you’d expect Democrats in their current mood to be overjoyed. But it is Israel that we are talking about. They are the Jews, so something bad and financial has to happen.

So infamous, in fact, that no slander is too absurd. If the Israelis commit “ethnic genocide” against the Palestinians, they’re not doing a very good job, are they? The very notion of a distinct Palestinian nation is a historical side effect of Zionism. Meanwhile, as their supporters keep reminding us as they try to pressure the Israelis to give and jump into the sea, the Palestinian Arab population is growing and growing.

This is not how genocide is supposed to work. Ask the Native Americans, whose horrendous suffering this simpleton had the neck to invoke – an insult to America’s most persecuted and impoverished citizens that Harris failed to even address.

The technical term for gratuitously accusing the victims of the worst genocide in modern history of having committed one is “Holocaust reversal”. It is one of the big lies about the Jews, long settled in the societies from which the parents of students came, that is now flourishing in the United States. The rise of anti-Semitism on campuses has largely been the work of some of the most ardent supporters of Democrats, resentful academics and the left-wing media. The party leadership no longer takes the trouble to dissociate itself.

What Harris might have said if she had really meant to speak her truth and – forgive falling for objective facts – everyone’s truth is this:

“I’m sorry, but you are wrong. Yes, everyone has a voice in a democracy, but democracy and society are not served by untruths. In fact, they are damaged by them. I’m sure you have good intentions, as young people often do, and are concerned about the state of this country and the world in general. But one of the problems we face here in the United States and elsewhere is that there is too much subjective truth and not enough acceptance of objective facts.

“You don’t have to love Israel, but lying won’t help you. In fact, history suggests that when people trade reality for fantasies about evil Jews, it’s a warning sign that something is wrong with their society. Look at Yemen, or Iran, or the left of my party, which is infected with a morbid obsession with Israel, and which has traded reality for the madness of speaking my truth.

“The point is, about 80% of the aid we give to Israel is meant to be spent in the United States. That’s right: it’s a subsidy for American industry and American workers. The point is, the Americans overwhelmingly favor Israel over the Palestinians. The point is, we already have enough trouble with truth and hate in this country. So grow up.

Of course, Harris didn’t say any of that. She endorsed it. She praised him. Democrats are sinking deeper into the cynicism of identity politics and moral relativism. Harris is an embodiment and exponent of these styles. The vice president will say anything to go up and up. She’s only one step from the top, and all it takes is for Joe Biden to descend the steps of Air Force One.

In a way, Harris really spoke his truth – just inadvertently.

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