Kamala Harris faces criticism after six months as “Border Czar”

Vice President Kamala Harris faces growing criticism on the border crisis.

It has been six months since the VP was designated “Border Czar”. However, many say the immigration crisis is no better. It’s worse. More caravans are said to be on their way north to the United States. Some have speculated that she was absent on purpose, so as not to tarnish her own image or presidential ambitions. However, Lindsey Curnutte, with Heritage action for America, says Washington Democrats aren’t that savvy.

“The Democrats and their infighting. They are in disarray right now. You see it with the reconciliation plan, but I think the biggest issue here is really how dangerous the southern border is right now, ”she said.

Curnutte disagrees with the vice president’s criticism of border patrols when she appeared on ABC’s “The View” on Friday. The vice-president accused the border patrol of having “confronted migrants” on horseback. Curnutte says the real problem is administration negligence.

“There is a border crisis created by [the Biden/Harris] administration, and instead, they demonize border patrol officers. They take money away from them, ”she explained. “It’s just ridiculous what’s going on.”

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