Kamala Harris pays tribute to military after muffled tweet

It’s more like that.

Vice President Kamala Harris posted a more fitting tribute to the US military on Sunday, a day after garnering attention online for telling her compatriots to “take advantage of the long weekend.”

“Throughout our history, our men and women of service have risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country,” Harris’ post read Sunday morning. “As we prepare to honor them on Remembrance Day, we remember their service and sacrifice.”

On Saturday afternoon, Harris’ official account bizarrely posted a grinning snap of the Vice President alongside her previous post, prompting scolding from supporters and opponents alike.

The response to the Vice President’s Sunday post on Twitter was mixed, with some users saying it was too little, too late. Others took issue with Harris not specifically mentioning service members who lost their lives in combat.

Tim Murtaugh, former director of communications for the Trump 2020 campaign suggested that Harris had sent the Sunday tweet “24 hours after Google searched for” Memorial Day. ” “

“Clean aisle 5 …” rang Deneen Borelli, Fox News contributor.

The tweet “Enjoy the long weekend” was still relevant on Sunday afternoon.

Also on Sunday, President Biden attended a Memorial Day commemoration ceremony in New Castle, New York, not far from his home in Wilmington.

The President will also participate in the official Memorial Day celebration at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday.

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